Fashion Don’ts to Dos

Fashion Don’ts to Dos

Listen up, ladies. You’ve seen the fashion fails gallery and you’ve witnessed the glorious glamour trends; you’ve questioned, ‘what are the don'ts in terms of outfit and shoes?’ and you’ve inquired, ‘what are the rules of fashion?’. But instead of simply giving you a plain, old fashion dos and don'ts list that you’d only temporarily observe, we’ve decided to bring to your attention the latest ‘fashion don'ts to dos’ in order to wholly and undeniably prepare you for all the upcoming trends.

Print on Print:

Keeping in mind the fact that fashion is all about matching up different patterns and outfits together to create a gorgeous look, let’s just dive into the deep end, shall we? The first (and arguably, boldest) fashion ‘don’t’ that’s slowly but surely making its way into our ‘dos’ is print on print. Now being bombarded with all these patterns and prints may seem intimidating (hence why this trend was heavily considered as a fashion no), I mean it’s even been said that where there’s a loud colour, there’s a bold pattern that accompanies it. But in the spirit of beings innovative fashionistas, this risk is worth taking. But don’t worry, we’re not leaving you high and dry — we’re going to show you just how to wear print on print, making this the now-‘best fashion trend failure’.
Inside tip: when you’re mixing it up with your favourite prints, remember to stay within the same colour family. Keeping one colour as a shared, mutual feature between the prints will allow you to combine and contrast patterns without looking too extreme yet still bold enough to be considered inspiring. After all, once the colours complement each other, the mix-match of patterns will unquestionably look WOW.
You could start off by trying something fun and interesting, perhaps floral with geometric patterns:

You may occasionally find yourself asking, ‘why do leopards patterns in clothing exists?’. But this look will definitely rid you of any doubt about the greatness of the leopard print. Opt for a more classy option by mixing a simple striped top with a leopard print mini skirt or even leopard print flats:

Denim on Denim:

It was a crime of fashion, but it paid its dues and now it's regarded as the inspirational clothing item… let’s hear it for our favourite, denim on denim! Double denim has been a contradicting topic over time and it has had its fair share of affection and opposition. But little did we know that this look would make a huge comeback and would redefine fashion in more ways than one. The denim craze that seemed to have faded out after the ‘80s because it was no longer deemed as ‘cool’ by society is now proving that ‘better together’ trumps wearing the denim pieces separately and individually. Given its return to the fashion scene, there are a few guidelines that we could (and perhaps, should) comply with so we transform this trend into a classic. The prime one is that the individual denim pieces should be in the same shade so it appears to be a matching set. Quick disclaimer, this hint only really works in regards to blue denim. If you do want to venture out with other colours, however, then it is recommended that you find distinct pieces of complementary colours in order to guarantee a great outfit. In any case, you could never go wrong with the supreme denim bra pants set — we know we’re totally enamoured by it!

Loose on Loose:

It’s time for fashion to go loose! Let’s be real, if someone had posed to us the topic of tops that weren’t fitted or pants that weren’t skin-tight a few years ago, we’d have instantly vetoed it in disgust. For days on end, skinny jeans, leggings, fitted skirts, tight tops and everything in that regard used to be seen as the only way to go. But things have taken a turn for the better as light has been shed upon our fashionistas and we have been saved from another season of only having the option of fitted clothing if we wanted to be considered ‘stylish’. So get ready to bring out those baggy t-shirts, slightly bigger dresses and all the oversized hoodies and sweatshirts possible because the days of tight clothing are soon coming to their end. What may be viewed as slightly difficult is the way in which we can dress these clothes in a cute and smart way. Bearing in mind that the goal is to strike the perfect balance between tomboyish and feminine, the solution to this hardship is simple: all you need to do is find the best combination of colours. For instance, going for something chic? Style a white crop blouse with some denim flared distressed jeans. Prefer a more laid back look? Match this knitted black blouse with an empowering pair of joggers. And for something in between, a white tank blouse with some striped flare pants will do you right! Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying we don’t love the body-hugging style. We’re simply just very open to being liberated to a more flexible and free look!

Bright on Bright:

Put away that conventional mindset because the 2021 way is all about going out BRIGHT. For a long time, the fashion rule to live by was ‘neutral colours with a hint of colour’, and so, sneaking in that little extra pop only came in the form of a bold shoe or accessory. But, oh girl, how times have changed. Now the world is ready to accept, vision and be inspired by the luminous and colourful clothing that seek to further the notions of escapism and joyful optimism. So don’t shy away from making this your signature look because of fears in styling. The following three ways are simple ideas to help you embrace the boldness of the colours and feel empowered by them. If you’re ready to go full daring, rock this yellow short sleeve blouse and the gorgeous slithering green mini skirt. But if you’re wanting to take things slower, that’s totally cool too. Go classy with this bright blue and white blouse and soft pink maxi skirt. And if you’re searching for a more in-between look, this pink crop top blouse would style exceptionally well with this floral mini skirt. No matter which of the plethora of statement-making looks you select, you will certainly be catching all the eyes.

Match on Match:

You guessed it, matching sets are making their reappearance into the fashion world! We’d even go so far as to argue that it should have never disappeared. But the perception that the 1970’s matching sets looked like pyjamas and loungewear did deter people from wearing these iconic ensembles outside. But be prepared for they have returned. This outfit is your solution to your problems of quickly picking out an outfit in the morning — and you’re also not only confined to the one choice of pantsuits (as it once was). While matching sets can take the form of a sharp blazer and pants, they could also be worn through a cropped top with a variety of matching bottoms. They don’t even need to be furthered styled because they’re essentially designed to be worn as they are (yet another reason why we need to cop more of these matching sets). Below are just three of the many options available to you, so up the ante with London Rag’s ‘fits because this look truly represents the evolution of the latest and trendiest fashion don'ts to dos!

Flats on Heels:

You asked to be reunited with your feels’ soulmates and so we’re doing just that… Flatforms are back and better. For those of you who are yet to be exposed to this saviour of a shoe, flatforms are footwear that have very thick soles that add height (just like ordinary heels would) but maintain the flatness of the feet (as flat shoes do). It is true that this item used to be viewed as a sight for sore eyes for some due to its chunkiness, but it’s now making its mark in the fashion world, one footstep at a time. Fashion is all about discovering fun ways to express yourself so why not make a statement with these flats that are suitable for just about any and every look? The old way consisted of sneakers and boots being the go-to shoes, but we shouldn’t forget the existence of flatforms… it's time to take these shoes out of retirement. Nude flats, silver flats, black flats, espadrilles flats, the options are truly limitless. Pair it with a casual outfit or go for the preppy look, the vibes will always be immaculate. In all seriousness though, for how much longer can we ignore the fact that these babies give us as much height as any pumps WITHOUT any pain?! If you love anything chunky and funky, these womens flats will definitely make you fall head over soles!

That concludes this segment on our latest fashion don'ts to dos, but if there is one thing you should take away from this post, it’s the following: like these looks, trends come and go, but what remains a constant is you. So dress to make you happy, that’s all that matters anyway, girl! Until next time… XO