Footwear For Your Every Party Personalities

Footwear For Your Every Party Personalities

Footwear can make or break your outfit! Especially when it comes to fancy events, your party shoes are like the cherry on top that just brings the whole outfit together! It’s been a while since people have enjoyed big gatherings due to the pandemic. And now that things are better and we can finally have the big fat parties that are just an excuse to dress our very best, people are going gaga out of their minds! Sparkle, bling, and heels as tall as your face!

There are no rules and no stopping the enthusiasm about fashion. This is why we’re also seeing the resurgence of Y2K fashion which is all about being bright, bold, and experimental. And while being experimental is loads of fun, it also means that you portray a different personality with every look. Hence, London Rag is here to help you be on the right trend track with stylish to glamorous party shoes for every occasion personality of yours.

It’s all glamour and bling, these shoes are for that big fat wedding where the memo is to not just be at a party but look like one. The sandals are embellished with crystals on the straps and the vamp is all sparkle which is blingy and eye-catchy. The sandals also have a spool heel which is trendy and stylish. You can pair this with a heavy gown or lehenga for a cocktail or reception party! The sandals can also be paired with some trousers and a blouse if you want to make them an accentuating element of an outfit. One thing is for sure though, you’ll definitely be the talk of the party.

These are an ideal choice for a cocktail, bachelorette, or a black tie party. The slip on sandals with a big bow and a small one made of diamante is absolutely stunning and classy. The stiletto heels and minimalist bling is rich and subtle but absolutely stunning. The braided strap sandals also have a subtle sparkle which is ideal for a black tie kind of event. The best part is that both sandals are quite versatile and can be worn with dresses, lehengas, sarees, and even trousers or pants. They’re perfect for when you want to look effortlessly fashionable.

These are perfect for a day party to keep things light, easy, and fun. These sandals are easy to wear and chic. The subtle colors give it an easy feel and the diamante details are just the right amount to make it fancy, yet subtle. You can wear these with colorful bright colored lehengas or sarees to just keep your clothing the hero of the outfit.

Simple, chic and timeless, these sandals are comfortable and versatile, ideal for the times when you want to be relaxed and have fun while still looking the part of a party. The subtle shine on the sandals makes them pop yet look classy and mild. The short heel makes them easy to wear. These are perfect for events where you’re going to be dancing and want to look fashionable yet be at ease.

For the simply sexy vibe, these heels are perfect! Subtle but impactful, the minimal diamante bling is classy and looks luxurious. The color black makes them versatile to be used on any fancy occasion. You can pair them with gowns, lehengas, dresses, mini dresses, skirts, trousers, almost everything. These would work really well for a cocktail party.

Feeling bold? These spike studded and chunky chain high heel sandals are here to make sure you make an impression. The elements are eye-catchy and are sure to elevate your outfit. If you’re wearing a short dress or an ankle length dress, these would look absolutely stunning.

London Rag is always here to bring you a variety of clothing like party wear tops for women, accessories, footwear, and more at affordable prices. It’s all about being trendy and stylish and we strive to make you look and feel your best in whatever you put on.