How to create a capsule wardrobe with London Rag

How to create a capsule wardrobe with London Rag

Impulsive buying is something we’re all guilty of, and there are tons of shirts and bottoms out of these that we just never wear or rather forget about. And these too many options can get chaotic and hard decisions need to be made early in the morning, which can be frustrating. Capsule wardrobes are the answer to these difficult moments. Now, for those wondering what is a capsule wardrobe, it’s a collection of 7 staples, timeless pieces of clothing that mismatch with each other making different outfits within themselves for your daily wear.

The concept of capsule wardrobes appeared first in the 70s when Susie Faux opened Wardrobe, a boutique in the West End of London. Susie was the daughter of two tailors and grew up wearing high quality pieces that fit right. She realized that in her experience women needed proper fit and high quality clothes that lasted a long time and were easy to style. She observed that it improved confidence in women, and was also a sustainable way to use clothing. A jacket, blouse, skirt, sweater, tights, trousers, coat, bag, belt, dress, and shoes are the core pieces of the capsule wardrobe.

And then we saw Donna Karan, an American designer in the 80s launch her first line Seven Easy Pieces which showcased minimal essential clothing where the body suit was a recurring product paired with varied clothing like pants, short and long skirts, wrap skirts, scarves, chunky jewelry, and more. The shoe showed how much women enjoyed versatile clothing, and most modern women preferred it as it’s hassle free and still looks stylish, and makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Capsule wardrobes of course change every season, depending on the fabric and silhouette of the clothing and how it adjusts to the weather. And that means you have four different wardrobes round the year, which also if you play right, can be interchanged and used completely through the time. The basic linen shirt of the summer capsule wardrobe can be paired with a sleeveless vest from the spring wardrobe and worn in autumn with a light jacket added to it. That’s the motto of capsule wardrobes, that each piece is fully utilized in your day to day wear.

Here is an insight on building a basic capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe primarily includes essential clothing of the same color palette that can be interchanged. You can have a set number of tshirts, for example, if you have a set of four, try buying two plain colored tshirts, one striped, and one printed. You can have 3 pairs of denim jeans, 2 pairs of trousers, one pair of printed pants, and two shirts that go along with them. Remember that the fabric of the clothes has to be high quality, and most importantly, appropriate for the weather of that season. If it’s fall, you can buy two light jackets and a coat. For winters, you can have two heavy jackets and one long coat. The footwear should be one pair of 3 styles, they can be any of your favorites and that go with every possible outfit you make from your clothing. You can also add accessories that match the fits and depending on the weather and your needs, suffices all expectations.


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If you’re looking to build your own capsule wardrobe 2022 and/or add some accentuating pieces on its side, London Rag has varied options that can suit your preferences and be a part of your closet. Below are some products that can be part of your capsule wardrobe or even otherwise (you do you) that can be styled in multiple ways and are made with high quality material.