How to style Work from Home?

With India in #Lockdown2 and all of April going March way, “Work from home” is the major work life scene that has evolved. Though we do feel comfortable in pajamas and track suits, we can always explore the semi-casual and casual range that are smart, chic and fashionable. For we think, how you dress up certainly makes up most of your mood and creates vibes that are more suitable for particular things to do. Plus, while we are all indoors – it is interesting and plain pleasure to make an effort to be presentable and professional. We get you some cool ideas to dress up really cool and smart with range of apparels from London Rag!

  1. Chic Bottoms and Sassy Sweatpants: Find comfy pair of sleek and stylish sweatpants or slip into cigarette pants. Check into these fine pair of bottoms for the home – switch to trousers where you are to be seen and are going to present.

  1. Basic Sneakers: Basic, yet not so. Slip in to your favourite pair or chose one from London Rag’s collection of fantastic women’s sneakers. Comfortable, presentable and stylish details – the collection ranges from basic whites to colourful ones. Here are some of our favourite picks.


  1. Smart Tops and Blouses: Pair a smart and elegant top with bottoms of your choice for short video calls and presentation from home. After all, the good workwear tops are basic and you would need it whether you work from home or are at office desk.
  1. Fun T-Shirt: With motivating Quotes, interesting Graphics that spunk to the dull moments we are dealing with! A funky T shirt or light knit jersey with a pair of jeans or linen bottoms will be cool and will actually quite relaxing for hot days in work.


  1. Mules and Slip-Ons: We recommend the most comfortable shoe trend of the year – the mules. Comes in range of styles, designs and materials according to need. We pick up two of our favorites from London Rag’s collection of women mules.

The wide covering mules, keeps on doesn’t slip: on the left, water resistant metallic mules; on the right, 100% Cotton ply mules for great comfort in summers while you stay indoors.

  1. Jackets – The quick coveralls:Now if you are one of those souls who belive in no clothing rules and keep it going in pair of boxers and something which barely qualifies as a top, then you just need to grab a quick coverall and pose elegantly and sound formal as ever with these pair of excellent denim jackets. Find them all on

We leave you with an advice to enjoy this time of life as well; for it is as we see it. This will pass soon and we will be meeting in cabins and meeting rooms, around round tables and in conference halls – working from home is a delight and time to find innovative solutions right from dressing to organizing work according to our daily chores, schedules and heart!