……. Is The New Black! Pink, Sage, or Neutrals? What’s The Colour Of 2022?

Is The New Black! Pink, Sage, or Neutrals? What’s The Colour Of 2022?

Pantone has put forth a new periwinkle shade of purple to be the color of 2022, but the designers had something else in mind. Though the new shade of purple is soothing and pretty, the world is too feeling fun and crazy to lean towards the mild shade as a go-to. Hence we’ve seen bright pink to be everywhere on the runways. With Valentino putting forth an entire collection of the color, the demand for it has spiked noticeably. We also see shades of green like sage and olive, as green has always been a calming color, and after a long lockdown, people need some relaxed but fun colors. And neutrals are now people’s go-to with their warm and versatile quality. Relaxed but fun and quirky is this year’s vibe and the colors reflect so.

Pink: The pink shade we’ve seen on runways, especially Valentino Pink PP Collection, where Pierpaolo Piccioli presented a whole collection dedicated to a bright pink shade incorporating trendy clothes such as cut-outs, maxi dresses, bralettes, oversized blazers, mini bags, and of course, platform heels. We also see a lot of brands and designers introducing varied clothing and accessories in similar shades like Jacquemus, Ferragamo, Et Ochs, Versace, and many others incorporating the pinks in their collection. We see many fast fashion brands catching up on it too with Zara coming in strong with pink tones, H&M, and others building upon the summer clothes with this vibrant shade.

The color is also ideal for the color blocking trend which has been popular for quite a while now and is still raging. Pair it with red, orange, green, yellow! Pink seems to be the new black of this year! Check out some of our London Rag products to hop on the trend.

Sage Green: Sage clothing has also been noticed to be a people’s favorite since 2021, and we are still seeing it in 2022 leaning into summer as well. Sage green is a calm, warm yet joyous color that is perfect to go on summer clothes. We’ve seen many influencers and summer street style outfits in this mild but earthy shade. Christian Siriano, Prabal Gurung, and many others have also showcased the color on runways. The color is relaxing and very summer-like and has been seen worn by many celebrities. Check out some of our sage products and get on this trendy wagon!

Neutrals: Something you just can’t ever go wrong with is neutral shades. Versatile, timeless, and in varied tones, neutrals are a go-to for any and every occasion. With a variety within the color itself, like ivory, beige, cream, white, and many other earthy undertones, there are endless options for everyone and every occasion. We see neutrals on almost every runway as it is a color that will never really go out of style. Jacquemus, MiuMiu, Prada, Fendi, and many more brands and designers always have neutrals in their collections. This subtle shade is easy on the eye and a staple in your wardrobe. London Rag has a lot of neutral options, check em out!

And there you have it, the popular colors of 2022 that are ruling the runways and streets. Pink does seem to be the dominating color, but neutrals and sage have been around for quite a long time to be let go of that easy. Hence, we shall wear what looks best or all of them. To check out more options and styles, go through London Rag and Rag & Co. to satisfy your fashion needs.