K-Beauty Trends That Are Taking Over 2023

K-Beauty Trends That Are Taking Over 2023

Every year the K-beauty world broadens its horizon in the makeup and skincare department and leaves us all in awe. Korean beauty never fails to amaze us with its star ingredients, must-have formulas, and revolutionary makeup techniques. Previously we’ve witnessed trends such as fermented ingredients, eco-friendly skincare, sustainable skincare, and also the usage of retinol. Some of these trends have followed through 2023, with the addition of a few new ones.

We’ve known that Korean skincare and beauty is all about double cleansing, sheet masks, BB cream, and beautiful lip tints with the end goal of achieving that glorious glass skin that looks healthy and exquisite. If you are looking to elevate your experience in the skincare world, here are some of the most impressionable trends in skincare and makeup in 2023. From nail trends to the most beautiful glass skin effect to the must-have tools, here are some of the Korean beauty trends we can’t stop gushing over.

Refillable products

The long-step routines have been known to be a big part of the Korean skincare and beauty regime. However now, the focus is now turned to minimizing wastage which brings about refillable products and packaging. This is a trend that has been coming about for a while and gaining popularity as consumers lean towards conscious and sustainable practices, and reducing their environmental footprints. Lipsticks, lip colors, and blushes have definitely been repackaged to provide the refillable feature but now we also see moisturizer and cleaner refillable pods gaining popularity.

There now, we know how the oily skin gang shudders at the mention of adding more face oil to their skin, but K-beauty is working hard to break these myths by bringing about the usage of face oil for cleansing, moisturizing, hydration, and more. This era is all about glass skin, slick textures, non-greasy formulas, and well-researched ingredients.

Face contouring devices and tools

Face massages have been a core part of K-beauty and its pathway for anti-aging, so it’s no surprise that it would hop onto the most tech-focused tools and devices to have that young and glowing skin. The path to a structured jawline and beautifully contoured face is in small devices that would literally fit in your palm. The devices focus on strengthening the skin and its elasticity and stimulating its sub-dermal muscles.

We’ve witnessed quite the maximalist trends taking over this era over the past couple of years, however, Korean beauty is now bringing about the minimalist trends back. The new nail trend is all about a pop of blush, yes, a subtle yet popping center the nails mimic the features of a subtle blush on the cheeks with rosy pink hints. The memo is to just add subtle pink eyeshadow in the center of a pinky white basecoat and then lock it all up with a top coat!

If you’ve been as obsessively as us stalking Tik Tok, you’d know the spatula trend that has everyone in a chokehold. Now, we know it seems to be a weird and unlikely tool but once you try it, you can’t go back. The trend is to use a stainless steel spatula to spread the foundation across your face in an even layer, then blended it with a sponge or brush, which helps you achieve that glass skin effect that looks light and lovely on the skin.