Layering it well in summers! Styling London Rag jackets

Layering it well in summers! Styling London Rag jackets

Jackets during the summer? Sounds like an insane concept, but sometimes it just fits in right with the outfit, and you can’t deny that it works. We’re here to tell you how to layer during the summers. Layering is widely recognized as a form of styling during the winters, but here we are giving some tips as to how you can layer them even in the summers. This is a cheat way to stand out, make your look social media ready and be comfortable in your outfit. Jackets like fall coats, autumn jackets, and puffer jackets, during the summer, can of course be uncomfortable and just plain ridiculous, so you need to pick some of the light jackets that you wear at the beginning of fall. This way you expand your summer wardrobe smartly, plan your vacations, summer parties and look fashionable!

This trench-coat jacket may look heavy and warm, but when paired with a lace or crochet bralette and some linen shorts, will make a very trendy, quirky, and really cool look. An ideal choice for a movie or casual outing with friends. The color of the jacket also makes a difference. This warm brown looks light and goes well with the summer vibes too.

This jacket is a good add-on for a nighttime outing. For the days when you go out partying and wear a slip or cut-out top, this is good for layering or just an add-on for some dimension to the outfit. Roll the sleeves up if needed, and the oversized fit is easy breezy.

Vests are a versatile piece of clothing that you can experiment immensely with. You can wear them as is, or layer them. In summer, you can pair it as a top with some jeans or flared pants or trousers. Some fun sunglasses and it’s a killer look. If you want to layer it, you can wear it over a light mesh top.

Denim jackets are so versatile and can literally go with any outfit. Pair it with a simple summer dress or top and skirt, it instantly adds an intriguing value to the overall outfit. Wear it, or just throw it over your shoulders. Try and pick a light denim jacket. A denim jacket with a simple frill white dress and some mules or sandals is like an ideal picnic outfit.

A cropped denim is for every season. Easy to wear, versatile, and just plain cool. You can throw it over a bralette or a tank top. Some cotton pants below and you’re ready to rock and roll. Ideal outfit for a casual dinner. Jackets are helpful when you’re going to restaurants with low temperatures to keep you warm even in the summers.

Cut-outs and patchwork our trending right now and what better way to show it off than your jacket. As the creativity on jackets like patterns, ripped, cut-outs, patches show, it’s best to pair the jacket with light plain clothing like plain denim shorts, a tank top, or a crop top and the ripped or patterned jacket.

And there you have it. Rock your light jacket now even in summer with some of these tips. To see more check out London Rag for jackets, outfits, and much more!