New Ways To Slay In 2022

New Ways To Slay In 2022

The end of 2021 is right around the corner, with 2022 on the horizon but that only means in next to no time we`ll be able to start fresh in the new year. Professionals have mastered the art of trend forecasting, whether by way of magic, research, or just absolute intuition. Even at the peak of a global pandemic, when we essentially passed over half of what was hanging in our wardrobes, fashionistas speculated that things like 90`s styles and sensible staples would take over 2021 — and they were right about it. And while we have no clue what Netflix series will become the new Squid Game, or what new type of diet trend will be part of our new year’s resolution. Fashionistas have begun predicting the trends of 2022. Here are trends that are going to be all over 2022. So you can get started out experimenting with how to style them best right at this very moment.

To bargain with which pieces of clothing today will feel most significant in the days to come, we reached out to influencer stylists and celebs for their insider intel. You'll be surprised to find out that their idea of what we'll all be trending in 2022 comprises of some of the similar styles of outfits that made us feel at ease and cheered over the last 2 years but paired in a way that gives a fresh vibe.


Sharper hemlines have replaced the midi dress rage of the past few years, and we’re truly into it. There are ways to make this style work for you, whether you wish a sport a pleated skirt or a slick vegan leather skirt, or even a denim mini skirt. And if you want to flaunt some legs, to complete the look add a pair of boots that’s still on-trend.

" PLAIDS” are having a major moment right now and are seamless to dress up or down while still staying comfortable. They have been chosen for more formal tasks. But to keep it more chill and fun. Pair a plaid skirt or shorts with cropped and oversized polos, sweaters, trench coat, and chunky Chelsea boot, for something a little more elevated or a cute flat loafer like these —perfect for dinner date or drinks with girlfriends."


"2021 has been all about ease and comfort, Thinking of that jumpsuits and romper in monochrome will be a huge part of 2022. Jumpsuits have that element of freshness with a touch of perfection, it’s an alternative for monochromatic outfits. This stylish and elegant piece of fashion will make sure that you make a lasting impression. Style them with a pair of blocked-heeled sandals or sport them with a pair of sneakers to amplify up your look. We think people want to feel put together with minimal effort. We are thrilled to see the concoction of more vivid colors, patterns, and texture in 2022 — staying true to fashion and trends, while exploring expressive styles. We are looking ahead through a positive lens in the whole enchilada as the world continues to evolve towards a post-pandemic life."

50 Shades of Red

Fuchsia, Auburn, Maroon, Burgundy, Tyrian, Alizarin Crimson, Neon Red, Carmine, Claret —all these beautiful Red hues and more will be big in 2022. The best thing about this trend is that you can tailor it to fit your style, no matter what that style may be. Experiment with different shades to see what goes best with your skin tone, but the thumb rule is that warm undertones look great with warmer hues (like Auburn or Claret) while cooler undertones work well with cool shades (like Neon Red).

"For many of us, it will be major wardrobe cleanout — sort of a fashion reset. There are clothes that don’t make sense anymore, and we find ourselves wanting to start fresh. We want variety, and we want to invest in a fashion that makes us feel great. We're getting rid of the clothes in our wardrobe that feel too specific, out of fashion. If you never reach for it in the morning, if it's sitting and accumulating space and dust on, It's probably ok to let it go.

What Fashionista`s Think Women`s be wearing in 2022

"We will see the NoSesso trend in 2022, specifically women wearing men's suits. Women can accomplish this look with a shirt and boots. Fashion which is considered masculine and feminine in terms of fashion will continue to advance, continuously mixing and accepting however a person desire to style themselves at that moment."

"We have started to foresee these trends hitting the ramps in 2022, and we see these trends transpiring with the world until 'hot girl summer' returns next year. If you are an outside box thinker with style and fashion. You can slay all around the year and keep looking gorgeous. Remember that a great look is always about balance and if you are trying this trend.

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