Perfect summer clothing for women: Sun & Fabric

perfect summer clothing

Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye and promise that Summer is my favorite season.

(Ok! now this is official) Summer clothing for women is all about beating the heat, wearing lightweight clothes & keeping it breezy. The fashion industry truly understands this change and adapts nature into its fabric, color & styling.

There is nothing that can take away the thrill of summer fashion from women. These summer clothing trends will help you get ready in just 5 minutes.

Clothing to look out for this summer 2021

  1. Jump for it
  2. The right jeans
  3. Arms up
  4. Joyful Skirt
  5. The 24/7 dress

The Jumpsuit Technique:

Jumpsuits are the cutest summer clothes you can find at any clothing store online. Like it or not, but this onesie clothing staple is everywhere right now. You might be a bit nervous if you have never worn one before, but you should not be nervous about it. This garment can be feminine, summer-ready, and sophisticated. All you need is to find the right kind of cut and style for your body shape. There are various kinds to match your liking

  1. Culotte Jumpsuits
  2. Denim Jumpsuits
  3. Flared Jumpsuits (My personal favorite, match them with a pair of heels, and you are ready for a date, office meeting, or just girls evening out)
  4. Cape Jumpsuits
Summer brights

My kinda Jeans:

Is it ok to wear jeans in summer?

The question, I have been asked multiple times by various women across the globe. Well, ladies, the answer is a big YES! Especially when it's summer we want to wear denim shorts, cotton capris, or roam about in our thongs but then we realize that there are some complications. HELLO TAN!
Beat the heat with some comfortable stretchable denim fabric. So less sweat, easy to move in, and above all keeps you covered up from the direct harsh heat. The best part about jeans is that you can match them with heels or boots to give you that edgy look or go all champ with white sneakers. They go almost with any upper you have in your wardrobe, I have also matched them with a dress!

what do jeans symbolize?
Freedom? Comfort? Rebel?

Well, it is a mix of everything. Back in 1873, when jeans were discovered in the USA no one knew it will mark a day in history. If some type of clothing has stuck for such a long time I am sure it is meant to be with us FOREVER!
The best part about jeans is that it does not define to a particular age. It is versatile and is treated as both, casual and semi-formal.

Types of jeans which are trending in 2021

  1. Wide-leg jeans
  2. Mom jeans
  3. Flared hem jeans
  4. Acid wash jeans

Lose some sleeve weight:

Trendy summer tops are getting shorter not by length but by sleeves. Sleeves are something you can escape this summer. Women's summer wear talks about keeping the extra weight out. Wearing tops that are sleeveless or are short-sleeve will add to the entire look. It is like a bonus for both, your look as well as on losing the heat & sweat. No one wants to see those pit stains when you walk up in the board room.

You can wear a sleeveless jacket with a stylish bralet or just a simple cotton sleeveless dress. Women's summer clothing online shopping is fun with a whole lot of variety out there. Thanks to modern designer brands like London Rag you can buy plenty of sleeveless creations, including turtlenecks, crop tops, office style cotton dresses, boho chic tunics, and crop tops. I am pretty sure, you won’t feel limited by wearing these pretty tops in your everyday life during the Summer months. Choose neutral colors to include the summer vibe and to keep the sun away.

Let's talk skirts

Go colorful with the choice of skirts. Match them with plain solid tops and a pair of heels to accentuate the look. London Rag has some pretty joyful colors

The Neons

The Solids

The Checkers

Look at this color and the cut style. This A-line stylish and trendy Bright Orange High Low Skirt with black bow detailing at front and gathers at back looks right off the ramp walk. Its interesting style makes a pretty good pick when you want to glam up your style statement

But my personal favorite from this summer fashion store online is the High Low Midi Skirt

The High Low Midi Skirt


The go-to dress:

Summer wear dresses for women is an easy find, thanks to online shopping. But before you get your carts loaded, do you know which is the best go-to dress this summer 2021?

If like me, you're already dreaming of afternoons in beer gardens and summer parties with friends, then you might already be searching for the perfect summer outfits for the return to socializing in the warmer months. Here are some quick tips for you to pick from

1.Vibrant wear:

A dress with a bomb of color, after all, you compete with the sun! You need that happy, vibrant vibe in your outfit. Experiment with colors this summer. Women's fashion has gone beyond stereotyping. Go for a tie-dye dress, it is a perfect combo of trend and boho feels.


2.Dainty Day Dress:

The ethereal fall of fabric, tasteful choice of colors will make any lightweight dress look alive during summer days. If you are not the loud nature type and want to enjoy the soothing combo of pastels and feather-touch fabric, London Rag may just have the right outfit for you.


With elastic gathers and puffed sleeves this dainty little pink dress is to make your day special. In breathable rayon, beautiful pleats add element and form graceful fall over the body.


Go to dress – style it the way you want; lightweight denim sleeveless dress with zipper opening at back and patch pocket on front. The all girlish vibe dress has gathers along the waist line and gets you all ready for summer

3.For the love of flowers:

Floral print dresses have been in the wardrobe day-to-day, everyday clothing. They are a perfect example of "WE HATE IT, LIKE WE LOVE IT" how much ever you related to the fact that floral prints are outdated, not my look, gives a feeling of being old - you can't deny that they have been here for years, and trust me they ain't going anywhere.


Do try these tips and easy fixes for perfect summer clothes online. If you have something more to share or brands you like please do drop a comment would love to read. These going-out dresses/outfits deserve to be taken out for all of your hot summer nights.