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Perfect Summer Flats and Slidders

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Summer is here and so are the sliders. They are versatile, fashionable and comfortable. he shoes have more oomph than your traditional sandals or flip-flops and can satisfy the needs of any high end fashionista. Flats and sandals are trending amongst the celebrities as well. They are now the “go to” footwear. Let it be travel, at home or even for a spin outside, these are comfortable stylish approach to great pair of footwear.

Do you remember those rubber slippers you used to wear to lounge around in at home when you were in high school? Yes, the same ones that your mother won’t let you leave the house in. Actually, scratch that, you wouldn’t be caught dead in them in public! Ironically enough, those seem to be the most trending slippers this spring and summer. Brands have come up with wide variety in style, color and even materials to make them stand out from the crowd. It would surely be hard to pick and choose when you notice the trends around.

Here are some top 5 picks for you in 2020 Summer Sliders collection

1. Metallic Sliders

pink_metallic_sliders sh2084_pink _15__1

These are new in trend and already catching pace on the charts. They have great texture and color variants to make a dull day spark up

2. Fur Sliders


Old style but a classic one. They are perfect to wear at home or for sleepovers. The fur keeps your feet warm and cozy. Some come with decorative pom pom attachments to make the simple slider look more feminine and fun.

3. Strappy Sliders

white_strappy_slip on_sandal sh2061white _17_
tan_strappy_slingback_sandal sh2060tan _17__1

Advantage with such sliders is that you can take them around. You can go for your grocery runs, drop your kids off or even head to work in these. They are stylish yet comfortable. These are made for the days when you don’t want to take efforts to look pretty.

4. Knotted Sliders

purple_knotted_flat_sliders sh1821_15_
green_knotted_flat_sliders sh1821_16_
pointed_toe_knotted_shoe sh1797_11__1

Lightweight, colorful, feminine are three top most reasons why you would choose these. They go perfectly with jeans and also pajamas! What else could you ask from a pair of sliders?

5. Leather Buckle Sliders

white_leather_flat_sandal_with_buckle_straps rcsh1854_3_

The rich kind of sliders! They are a classic form of premium sliders that proclaim class, richness and style. Genuine leather sliders look great with formals or even light linen straight cut pants.

6. Double Strap Sliders

white_double_strap_slip on sh2053white sh2059white _17_
multicolor_flatform_rope_sandals sh1826_17_

These are straight from celeb favs! True examples of minimalist are these sliders. They are simple yet elegant and can pull off almost any kind of outfits.

7. Glow and Glitter Sliders

silver_glitter_sliders sh2085_grey _16__1

Embellishments have always been girl’s favorite. There is something about glitter that’s gets attention. Sliders having glow in the dark effect or Glitter on the top makes the footwear more cute and perfect for a lady who knows to carry off something bling!

8. Colorful Pool Sliders

colorful_striped_pool_sliders sh2086 _16__2
synthetic_slip on_pool_slider sh2087 _16__1_1
multicolor_rainbow_strap_slider sh2016_mulit_color 15_1

These are must have in everyone’s shoe-drobe. They are fun, colorful and can be taken to the pool, beach or even to those girl parties. Most of these pool sliders come with comforting cushioned foot bed for extra comfort. The material is water friendly hence gives you the freedom to carry it anywhere.

9. Animal Print Sliders

blue_leather_flat_sandal_with_buckle_straps rcsh1854_2_
leopard_braided_slide_strap_sandals sh1885_2_

Step into the next generation sliders. Not just vibrant but also comes in various animal prints. These are great to wear below solid color outfits, sarongs and robes.

10. T strap sandals

gold_embellished_thong_sandals sh1822_17_
nude_t strap_sandal_with_buckle_closure sh1877_2_

Thin strap sandals or T strap sandals are easy wear footwear. These are thin and so lightweight giving the person absolute freedom to wear them indoors. These are delicate and hence are better off indoors. Perfect wear for #stayhomestaysafe

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