Recreating iconic looks of Lady Di!

Princess Diana was loved and adored by many. Her warm smile and compassion was genuine and her time on Earth was short, but her impact in many ways also remains. Known for Many things, Lady Di was seen as a Fashion Icon. Known for bold colours, statement pieces and sending a message through her clothes, was nothing short of Lady Di's intentions. Her style was deliberate, and everything was most certainly done with purpose. Diana had the ability to wear a gorgeous ball gown one night and wear a large oversized sweater and spandex shorts the next day. Diana's looks inspired high end fashion designers and influenced future fashion trends for decades to come.

As Diana was a fashion icon, she was admired by people from all walks of life, for her elegance and serenity. So as a tribute to the Princess of Wales, at London Rag, we have decided to recreate some of her iconic looks.

Emerging almost as tribes, there are certain looks adopted by several of us, and – as is the case with all good trends – we're looking to the late Princess of Wales as the instigator. Perhaps the most recognizable of Diana’s looks, this is the one you take a glimpse at, and wonder how on Earth someone could be that cool. Lady Di wore this cheerful sweater with loafers, adorning a lovely laid-back look.

Full Sleeve Ribbed Knit Sweater
Zaara Solid Faux Suede Loafers

Whether you were around to remember Lady Diana Spencer from your younger years or have merely heard, read and watched countless tales of hers, you're likely familiar with the view that she is now widely considered quite the style icon. Lady Di had a legacy that goes far beyond her sense of style. She wore this lovely cardigan and sneakers and it’s like she’d taken a glimpse at what the trends of 2022 would be, so we could look back and see exactly how we should style, each of them, to pure perfection.

Knitted Long Sleeve Pullover Sweatshirt
Chunky Lace-Up Sneakers

Princess Diana is one of the most talked about British royals of all time, but while her personal life may not have been without its controversies, her wardrobe was a resounding success amongst fashion critics and remains one of the most loved ever since. Princess of Wales had a knack for nailing ‘casual but elevated’ workwear moment, and this one is simple yet making Lady Di look evergreen in her white shirt and tan loafers.

Button Up Long Shirt
Chunky Metal Chain Faux Leather Loafers

Lady Di was behind some of the most major fashion moments of the last century. Even now, almost after all these years, from her tragic and untimely death, she is one of the most frequently referenced muses within the fashion industry. Princess of Wales loved a blazer more than just about anyone, and the styling of this one is genius because of its use of colour. With all neutral shades and a monochrome moment, this look gives a feminine take on business casual.

Long Sleeve Quilt Pattern Belted Jacket
Jolan Faux Leather Semi Casual Loafers

Though Lady Di had the ability to push the boundary of fashion in more ways than one, she also enjoyed classic styles, elevating them to fit whatever occasion. Known for taking casual looks, like jeans and a sweatshirt and elevating it with a blazer & cowboy boots, was something princess of wales coined. Though she enjoyed casual looks, she also wore classic and sophisticated styles very well. Her slender figure left her limitless with clothing and styles. Form fitting, pant suits, ruffle dresses, you name it, and Princess of wales could pull it off. A well-known classic and sophisticated look from Diana was her pant suit sets. Most often, women in the British Royal family wore dresses or skirts and formal attire was expected. On the contrary Princess Diana proudly wore her pant suits, in bold colours, adorned with ruffles and a statement hat. This pushed the boundary of, what Royal fashion looked like!