Shoes For Your Varied Fashion Aesthetics

Shoes For Your Varied Aesthetics

Our every choice in fashion, preference, and liking is all a part of varied aesthetics that have evolved over the years. Our preferences change as we evolve and grow; but sometimes, some things stay stagnant. We all are individuals with different personalities and that is most of the tie showcased in the way we dress. First impressions matter, and we try to put our best foot forward with the way we style ourselves and the way we want to be perceived.

Our moods also play an important role in our dressing, it may be consciously or unconsciously. On rainy days we tend to lean towards more plain, dark, and droopy gothic and dark academia aesthetic clothing as we feel low and gloomy, depicting the weather. On happy summer days, we prefer, brighter and lighter clothing to showcase our joy and excitement.

Aesthetics play an important role in order to differentiate us and also bring us together by looking at the beauty of our different likings. Aesthetics is a broad spectrum and here we are mainly focusing on the visual aesthetics in fashion. We see fashion redefining itself every day and bringing either new things or evolved and redefined older things to the table.

Now, to add the cherry on top of your aesthetically centered fits, you need good footwear to bring your outfits together. Footwear can make or break your fits and to make sure you’re on point head to toe, here are some footwear to go with whichever aesthetic you are leaning towards.

Art hoe

Art hoe is an aesthetic that is quirky, fun, and full of nature depicting elements. The aesthetic was quite popular in the Tumblr era with artsy imagery and mixed media design. The art hoe aesthetic is all about art, florals, nature elements, and bright colors with a hint of vintage feels. These transparent heels are beautiful with marble print and diamante studded strap, and the block heels make the slip on sandals easy to wear. The transparent heels are fun and quirky and paired with a bright pink polka dot shirt and navy blue pants or shoes, creating a color block outfit that would be lively and exciting.


Bohemian chic is all about being carefree and making the most while living a hippie life. The aesthetic is often mistaken to be relevant to that of dreamcatchers but the true bohemian aesthetic is all about prints, vintage, and hippie vibes. Here we have beautiful thin braided high heel sandals that are simple, stunning, fun, and invoke a lively feeling. Pair this with a nice beach dress and some minimal gold jewelry and make the most of your outing!

Dark academia

The dark academia aesthetic is all about looking rich, dark, and mysterious. The vibes are old European with a tinge of goth but elite and sophisticated. The aesthetic is about grand dark gestures and clothing like ruffles, plaid, and even some masculine designs such as blazers and trousers that look elite. The block heel sandal is mules for women and is simple but distinctively dark academia with the croc texture and brown shade. You can pair these with some plaid trousers and a deep brown blouse or corset top.

Light academia

The light academia aesthetic is completely contrasting to the dark academia in terms of the color palette and feels. The light academia aesthetic is all about calm, soothing, and artistic elements. The vibe consists of soft and light neutrals, pastels, and sometimes a dull green in clothing, coffee latte, and art museum vibes. Here we have these beautifully embroidered mules which have stunning embellishments in light-toned pinks and whites. These mules for women are light and elegant and would look lovely paired with a pale pink satin dress for a beach wedding!


Dreamy is all about surreal, fantasy-hinting aesthetics. It invokes mixed feelings of calm and excitement. It’s soft and wondrous to look at. Usually includes elements like cotton candy, clouds, fluorescent elements, and almost angelic vibes. It’s close to ethereal but not as extravagant. Here we have kholapuri chappal which is a beautiful shade of pink that looks so dreamy with the precise cutout details on the front straps. You can pair it with some traditional Indian outfits to really glow and look dreamy.