Staying Fit, This Quarantine – All Indoors!

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With all of us bundled at home since months and finding just very little to move out even when it seems restrictions are at ease, it is not like before. Seems outdoors are bit regulated and tight. Gyms and activity blocks are closed or not advisable at the time. Well, how to keep fit? Rising circumference around and uneasiness due to the sombre atmosphere we all are gripped in, calls for some moves and we are sure we can do it all indoors!

According to World Health Organization, Self-quarantine can lead to additional stress. Physical activity and relaxation activities can help us boost our self and up the metabolism to keep lethargy at bay. Let’s try to make every day more interactive and healthy so that we stay not only in good shape but be in pink of health.

1. Short active breaks during the day

Taking a bit to walk over the house, admiring general splendour of the gardens or birds chirping, take a break, sip some water – stretch a bit and relax. Why don’t you jump a bit and do couple of push-ups to keep the adrenalin live!

2. Just Walk

The key is to keep ourselves bit out of lethargy. After each task you have accomplished or after a stage is completed, just stand up and walk around for few minutes. You will certainly find it some type of accomplishment. Sitting in one latitude for long time, is just not good for posture.

3. Meditate

If you are working from home and that home is not bigger than a cubicle and you have not more than ten feet to move around, plan a bit of meditation and breathing techniques. You will see your stress level and anxiety reduced. Shut down your head for few minutes and allow it to reboot!

4. Stand Up!

Do your calls, finish some work while standing up and make it a habit. Activity from standing is also associated with lower risks for strokes and heart attacks according to WHO you should ideally aim to interrupt sitting and reclining time every 30 minutes. Also, it kills the number of sedentary leisure time.

5. Stay Hydrated

Staying away from junk has been a positive outcome of these times. We have lessened eating out and are back to planning and eating. Staying hydrated with sufficient amount of water is the best way to keep toxins out which are released by various stress hormones and balances electrolytes in the body.

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