Style It Wild With London Rag!

Style It Wild With London Rag!

The world is wildin’ and we are lovin’ it! Let us take you down this feral road which is full of adventure, fun, and all things stylish. The pandemic took a toll on all of us, and we are finally in the outdoors which has brought are maximalist side out. With the resurgence of Y2K, and all the exaggerated fashion statements coming back like the low waist jeans, DIY knitwear, and co-ord sets, it’s no surprise the animal prints had to make a comeback. And it would not really be fun without them to brighten and sexy up our wardrobe. For most of us, there is at least one animal print in our wardrobe that we may not wear much but absolutely love and cherish. This is the time to put it to work and strut the streets with your wild side out!

Animal prints are varied but elements that immediately lighten up any outfit. This is why animal prints do not really go out of trend, we keep seeing snake prints, croc prints, zebra prints, leopard prints, and more in some form or the other. We see many wearing cow print today in varied ways such as animal print footwear like cow print boots, leopard print sandals flat, etc. It’s always fun to see how stylists, celebs, and even designers incorporate the prints in their collection and styling.

Lively, fun, sexy, and quirky, animal prints are sure to brighten up your wardrobe and amp up your basics with even the subtle use of them. They were popularly worn as a mark of the elite class in the Cleopatra age as fur was popular. Today, we see animal prints in varied ways such as illustrated, digitalized prints, and hand-drawn quirky prints that make them more interesting and fun to wear. Some of these prints may come across as a bit frivolous but with the right way of styling can look very alluring, stylish, and even sophisticated.

Roberto Cavalli, Salvatore Ferragamo, Michael Halpern, and many such designers were seen showcasing animal prints on the Autumn/Winter22 runway, be it animal print heels, bags, clothing like dresses, skirts, etc. The subtle toned prints look elegant and absolutely stunning. The fact that Y2K came back in a more polished and refined way shows in the designs and prints which makes them look beautiful and sublime.

And today, the masses have excitedly accepted the trend and are thriving in it. We are witnessing subtle hints of it in the fashion world showcasing animal prints in their ensembles. To make sure you are on this trend wagon, London Rag has an offering of many different fashion items to keep you up to date in terms of vogue.

Leopard Print: It has always been confusion when it comes to the difference between cheetah and leopard print. To make sure you are always updated, let us tell you exactly how to differentiate between the two. Cheetah print has spots whereas leopard print has small rosettes which have a lighter tone in the middle of the rosettes. There are ample options in both prints on London Rag be it clothing, footwear, and accessories to make sure you look trendy, chic, and fashionable. We would suggest you wear this print in the way where it runs the show and for that less is more. Unless you want to go all out maximalist. We suggest starting with accessories and footwear to break the monotony of an outfit.

Snake Print: In all its fierce beauty, snake print makes a bold and lively impression and looks best as the main character of an outfit. If you are one to dip your toes in maximalism, the snake print is a good start. Eye-catching and extremely edgy, the print comes in varied popping colors as well which looks striking and sexy. A beautiful coord set or a popping accent accessory, the snake print is sure to level up your outfit with its stand-in-a-crowd nature. We would suggest simpler silhouettes as the print in itself is exaggerated in terms of its design but if you want to go all out, by all means try it out!

Croc Print: Croc print is a staple in terms of accessories. All of us own at least one croc print heels or bags in our wardrobe as it is so versatile and stylish. It’s by far the most popular of prints that never goes out of style. The timeless print till date which pairs well with almost all textures and prints out there. It could never be too much, especially if it is embossed. The print makes a subtle impression but looks classy and elegant in all its forms. If you are looking to et into prints and it’s your first, the croc print is a good way to start your animal print venture. It looks best or leather or leatherette. Check out and for more options and designs!