Styles for Summer: All White

Styles for Summer: All White

Welcome to the ultimate summer styles diary – a journal into the world of fashion that corresponds with those daily fun-under-the-sun type of activities. While it is true that this summer is about going bright, one colour that will nevertheless not go out of style is that of white. A basic colour, it may seem, yet it provides the foundation for all stunning looks and can evoke a refreshing feel. So for this entry, embrace this emblematic colour and brace yourselves for here comes… wait for it… hashtag hot girl summer!

Monday: Picnic Day

The first thing that’s up on this year’s summer bucket list is to indulge in the freedom of going outdoors – whether that means being at your balcony or backyard or at a local park – and having a cute picnic. After all, it has been said that a picnic is a state of mind that can be made anywhere…! With that in mind, let’s browse through a few white outfit ideas to go with your perfect picnic plan.

Given that picnics involve sitting on a mat on the grass, it is generally preferred to wear fashion bottoms that freely allow you to lay however you choose without accidentally ‘exposing’ yourself. For that very reason, shorts, overalls, and rompers are exactly what is ideally opted for. Not only are these looks extremely comfortable to wear and summer around in, but they also look insanely good – white as a bottoms’ colour is highly underrated but extremely stunning. To finish the look, select some sexy sandals or go for your favourite high-tops, add on a cute watch, and enjoy your white picnic.

Tuesday: Netflix (Party) It Up

When it’s summer, let’s be honest: all the weekdays are essentially weekends. But that means that we still need to designate one day of the week in order to schedule some relaxing, rejuvenating, and refreshing you-time. So on Tuesday, let’s kick it back by partying it up Netflix style! Grab an oversized blanket, heat up some popcorn, play on your favourite movie, and do it all in style…

To fully ensure you max out your relaxing, lounge in these gorgeous tie-dye co-ord bottoms. Either complement it with its corresponding top and make it an iconic summer set or opt for a simple loose tank and enjoy that summer breeze. Alternatively, you can select some white knitted shorts or a plain one-liner tee. Both these white pieces are, albeit simple, mega comfortable. If you want to look more preppy, add on some boots and you’ve got great t-shirts, boots and shorts outfits.

Wednesday: Pool Time

Now it’s time to take a dip in the pool and enjoy that warm summer sun. No matter if you’re genuinely planning to make a splash or simply seeking that hot girl summer tan, you’ll be in need of some cute pool ‘fits that are ‘gram-worthy, mega comfy, and water-friendly. As such, your best bet includes dresses or looser clothing so you can wear your swimwear underneath without feeling too tight.

And London Rag has the three best looks that encapsulate all of the above! First up on the docket is the gorgeous off-the-shoulder London style short dress. Its floral detailing, its flowy fit and its white colour are three reasons why this dress is one of this year’s must-haves. You can also select this white skirt for a casual denim outfit. Its simplicity renders it perfect for a pool day! Last but not least, you can never go wrong with a plain white spaghetti knitted tank. Everyone surely needs one of these basics in their closet.

Thursday: Lunch Hour

It’s no secret that lunch hour is the best hour of the day. So why not cop up a few gorgeous ‘fits so you can look well while you eat well? These outfits are great for any occasion, be it at a fancy brunch with your family or a chilled lunch with your girls; be it at a classy restaurant or at home – it’s guaranteed that you’ll be eating in style.

Don’t worry, we know just how hot it’s going to be, especially during the summer, especially during day time. That’s why all these pieces are not so tight-fitting, breathable, and slightly more open. If you want to dress any of these items up, simply strap on a sexy pair of heels and add some jewellery to incorporate that shine. On the other hand, if you’re looking to make these clothes more casual, just wear them with some high-tops!

Friday: Date Night

Oo la la, go ahead and prep yourself for your dashing date. Confused as to how? Don’t stress, we know how hectic it is picking out the cutest yet sexiest of outfits for an evening out with your significant other. So we have compiled a few of our favourite white-inspired date looks for you to rock the next time you’re ‘chatting with intent’ (wink, wink).

A dress is always classy, a little bit sassy, but never trashy, so this maxi floral dress is perfect if you’re going for a more girly look. If you’re concerned that its long length might cause discomfort in light of the summer heat, fret no longer because the dress’ material is super light and thin! Still going down the elegant road, this off-the-shoulder white blouse coupled with a pair of stunning pants is another amazing alternative for your date. But if you’re feeling more daring, then do we have the top for you! This white cropped top is sexy, alluring, and all-around stunning. No matter what you pair it with, you will undoubtedly look flawless.

And that brings our week to our close! After a few good summer days filled with fun activities, sociable evenings and delicious dishes, it’s time to reflect on how happy you were and how great you looked. With a week of all white, continue to keep up to date with the latest summer trends so you always stay ahead of the game, and London Rag is here to help you do just that!