Stylish Flats for Every Season and Needs

Stylish Flats for Every Season and Needs

Imagine expecting a clear sunny day the next day but you wake up to pouring unseasonal rains in the middle of spring. Another day but no slay. Ideally, the rain should not stop you from having a good fashion day. Do you want to look like a Pinterest model living her city chic life but instead end up looking like a drenched New York City subway rat? Don't worry our solution will not only save you many cab rides on rainy days, which you took to protect your shoes but also make sure you still look your best in every weather. The fashionable answer to combat all of your footwear woes is a good ol’ pair of flats. No rains nor extreme heat can ruin their vibe and your comfort. Feeling cold? Add socks or stockings. Feeling hot or going to the beach? Easy to take them off and clean them in case they get dirty. The only valid question that rises is, which pair and what style suits your personal style and wardrobe needs most?

    1. Ankle Action Mules

If you live in areas prone to rain and generally hot weather, but still want to look professional without sweating your feet out (and stinking). Mules definitely come in their own variations, the most popular ones are of course the Gucci fur ones, they would be quite impractical for hot zones. Instead, opt for ones more versatile options like London Rag’s black woven mules with gold buckle detailing. They look just as chic as the Gucci ones but provide go the extra mile to ensure your toes don't suffocate in the faux leather lining. The best thing about a pair of mules is that they go perfectly with ankle-length bottoms, thus making it the most suitable option for an unpredictable weather wardrobe. Perfect to even carry for your trip to the beach and the extra cushioning at the sole keeps your feet comfortable all day long.

    1. Born To Disco Ballerinas

If you are not convinced by the simplicity of the beige french ballerinas, then we sure have a better alternative for you. Meet the lovechild of Y2K disco and a french ballerina. Metallic flats have the perfect old-school structure and comfort which can be customised to suit your personality better. Rather than picking a pair in the same old gold and silver, we suggest you pick something that sets your outfit apart from the rest and is closer to the wardrobe you already own. Like the London Rag metallic blue mary jane flats which come with studded jewel detail, these go well with every kind of outfit and adds an eye-catching detail to your overall outfit.

    1. Reputation Era Pairs

If you like mules, but hate the clicking sound it makes while walking, invest in a pair like this for extra support with the sling back closure strap. Perfect for running to the office when you're late and need to catch a bus/train while still looking good. The croc pattern detail adds an interesting dimension to your look making looking more put together than a simple solid pair of ballerina flats would. Shoes are the first thing people notice when they meet you, and your choice of shoes speaks louder than the outfit. A bad shoe disrupts the flow of a good outfit, whereas a good shoe makes the most boring outfits look interesting.

    1. Elmo Slides

Every working woman needs a pair of comfy flats which can be worn to the movies on Sunday and also on a hungover Monday morning. Sure these look like Elmo was murdered (no Elmos were harmed in the making of these pairs). The colourful chain detail on the strap keeps it looking like a pair of actual flats rather than home slippers. They can be made more office-friendly when paired with either red or black trousers. To ensure they don't dress down your look, pick colours that either complement the red or match the colours on the chain. Although it is ideal for a summer night adventure to waffle house at 2 am with your friends.

    1. Meemaw Loafers 2000

Anyone approaching their early 30s knows that simple shoes like these are the most comfortable and chic beige flats for women. They may not look much, but they are one of the most versatile pairs to work with. A beige flat makes it very easy for you to transition from your day wardrobe to your evening wardrobe. For example, if you are going out with your girls for drinks after work, and again brunch the next day, this shoe fits all three places. It adapts to you. Simplicity is often the best fashion choice you can make.

    1. Mentally in Spain Espadrilles

A lightweight just like you (just kidding), espadrilles are ideally the best shoe for summer due because they provide sweat-free comfort. European chic simplicity with contrasting black-toe detail and with a minimal wedge flats look. They work with both formal and informal outfits making them best suited for people who travel a lot for work in different climates. They are easy to carry and style with both leisure and work attire making sure you always stay comfortable even in new countries.

    1. Grunge Groove Loafers

A working adult who can't let go of their emo/punk past but still wants to look put together and professional for important work days and meetings. Invest in a pair of Oxford flat loafers. They are secure and work with your edgy personality and look professional in the right settings. These London Rag pair come with studded detail and faux leather lining that adds to a very polished and sophisticated look. And works even if you have band practice post office.

    1. Clown Sliders

You have heard about the Astro boy boots making their debut, but meet its younger and much more wearable sibling, the eva pool sliders. They are the most perfect slides to exist, they have a risen heel and are much softer than the usual slides. They have better grip and drip, easy to pair with either a pair of tube socks (controversial but it looks cute) or just wear them just as they are. If you love crocs, you will definitely love these and make them a staple in your wardrobe.

Our verdict? There is a pair of shoes for everyone. I mean literally, the perfect pair of summer shoes exist, and sometimes it's more than just one pair. And remember that even if there is a shoe which you can wear throughout the year, you still need a wide range of choices for different occasions. You obviously shouldn’t wear pool sliders to your prom even if you think it floats your boat. You may be proud of it at the moment but might cringe at it years later, learn from the girls who wore converse with their dresses to their prom. I'm not asking you to struggle with uncomfortable shoes every time there is an important event, but rather than going for sliders to prom, opt for ballerinas or a pair of glitter flats.