Sun Protection Essentials 101 For Summer 2023

Sun Protection Essentials 101 For Summer 2023

Summer won't be summer without the endless fun nights and relaxing by the pool or beach that leaves behind a gorgeous tan afterward. However, it's 2023, and we all know the internet is raving about sun protection essentials and sunscreens, and we’re here to tell you, it's all true. UV ray damage is no joke and no tan is worth risking a sunburn over. And to start off on the right foot, let us remind you that no aloe vera gel, coconut oil, or carrot seed oil works against sun protection. Sun protection is not just about sunburns or tans, it is about the UV rays you expose yourself to. Being recommended to wear sunscreen has become as popular as suggesting to drink more water in the skincare community and it’s all for the right reasons!


Along with premature aging as one of the side effects, according to many dermatologists skin cancer’s leading cause is not adequate sun protection. And no, sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF 15 or 20 won’t suffice for the long run. The most suitable and preferred sunscreen SPF range is 50 or higher, which protects for 2 hours in the sun. The concept of “organic” or “chemical-free” sunscreens are a total scam considering even water is a chemical. The ingredients used in sunscreens are naturally occurring elements that are tested and scientifically proven to be safe for use.There are many sunscreens in the market available, however, it is generally recommended that South Korean and Japanese sunscreens are superior as they don't leave a greasy finish or a white cast which was the case with popular and affordable sunscreens 5 years ago. Many brands have started producing skin-specific sunscreens with matte sunscreens for oily or combination skin and hydrating sunscreens for people with dry skin.


To make sunscreen reapplication easier, sunscreen sticks available in both mineral and gel formulae have been introduced. After filtering through all of these choices and buying the sunscreen, the question remains where to apply and how much? It is recommended that you take three fingers worth of sunscreen and apply generously all over your face, neck, back of your palms, ears, and feet (if they are exposed). If you wear shorts and camisoles, using them all over your arms and legs is also suggested as you don't want to end up like that woman who only applied sunscreen on her face.


Sunscreen has so many benefits that outweigh the little effort they take to blend and apply. If you are working through summer, we recommend this summer skincare routine

1. Cleansing

2. Toner

3. Vitamin C Serum

4. Moisturiser

5. Sunscreen

Including vitamin C in your routine will help you prevent dark spots which are usually caused by sun exposure and acne scars. Vitamin C acts as a skin brightener and facilitates sun protection by working with your sunscreen, and leaves a dewy finish making you summer ready! Carry a sunscreen stick with you throughout the day for periodic sunscreen reapplication.

If you work a 9-5 or are a student who is generally indoors, reapplying before leaving the building would generally suffice.Along with sunscreens, the utmost important thing is to actively be in the shade. Not always possible if you travel by bike or walk to most places. In ideal circumstances, you may even be on come in handy on a road trip. That's why there are fashion and sun protection essential accessories that come to your rescue in such situations. Try to wear scarves, hats and sunglasses! Not many of us like to invest in changing our wardrobes by the seasons. Accessories help you transform your wardrobe and make your look fresh and trendy without breaking into your hard-earned savings. The selection of accessories depends on what your personal style is. If you like feminine styles, a large straw sun hat, which was seen on multiple runways would be a perfect addition to your closet.


In our opinion, a hat would be a better option for you than a scarf to fully cover your face. However, if you live in windy spaces and don't wish to spend most of your time holding the hat down, scarves make it convenient. To make things more interesting, feel free to throw in a pair of gloves that match your overall look too. However, if neither hats nor scarves work, throw in an umbrella that covers your whole body instead of just your head. Also saves you from unpredictable rains during summer. Bucket hats are usually the most fashionable hats preferred for style and sun protection purposes. Many stars are often spotted in bucket hats and sunglasses in the best Gen Z style possible. And we know by this that the younger generation may be taking sun protection seriously. This brings us to sun-protective clothing as a way to prevent sun damage, sunburn, and or unwanted tan. There are clothing pieces specifically made to protect you from UV rays, however, usually what works are flowy full-sleeve tops and bottoms, midi skirts, and dresses that work wonderfully with your summer wardrobe and for sun protection.

And they are also preferred for clothing in case of a sunburn to make sure they don't stick to your skin. However, straight from Asian aunties everywhere, we know that having at least one UV protection sleeve or glove that covers you entirely is essential. You can get UV protection bolero sleeves off online retail sites and keep them handy for when you're out in the sun but don't want to ruin your outfits otherwise. Ideally going for beige or black colours makes sense as they tend to suit almost every outfit.Also in trend this year, with the return of big bags are big beach hats. They are definitely more appropriate and stylish than the aunty hats and can be worn literally anywhere. Sunscreens may be expensive for the use they come for, however, they could save you from the pain of sunburn, anti-aging creams when you're older, and potentially even skin cancer. Summer is about taking a step back and enjoying days out in the sun when the weather feels right.