The Y2K Boho Chic Is Back!

The Y2K Boho Chic Is Back!

Boho chic or bohemian style has its roots in the 60s hippie movement. Mainly associated with youth peace movements against the norm and psychedelic music movements. Besides its political impact, its cultural significance is seen to date. With the boho chic, Coachella-esque fashion trends of the mid-2010s. Which was popularized by celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner and Vanessa Hudgens. Hudgens also went as far as incorporating 70s bell-bottom jeans, high-waisted jeans and ponchos in her style, and while it’s controversial but she was one of the early pioneers of retro style with a modern edge.

The boho style typically includes clothes with South Asian traditional motifs, psychedelic patterns, cowgirl boots or boots in general and oxidized jewellery. Some even include heavy lace use, chunky belts, animal prints and an earthy colour palette. The boho chic comeback has not been revived as a full style as before, but it’s being resurrected in elements and microtrends. Trends like the coastal cowgirl, whimsical gothic style, fairycore, Y2K boho and a bit of witchcore. And it primarily dominates alternative fashion, unlike its predecessor which dominated festivals and regular street style for a long period. You won’t see anyone dressed head to toe in this style anymore, but elements of it in different styles.

We have put together some classic looks that include mainstream and trendy pieces with hints of boho chic.

  1. Casual Boho

  2. Right off the bat, we have a simple and chic boho look. This may resemble the boho style seen in Vanessa Hudgens, but we swapped out the large bell bottoms with high-waisted trousers for a more work appropriate or brunch appropriate look. The off-shoulder crop top is perfect for the summer when paired with ankle-length boots. The boots overall are simple and look chic with a wide range of outfits, however with their bold buckle detail, with this outfit, they match the lowkey boho vibes.

  3. Coastal Cowgirl

  4. With that, we also put together a uniform boho chic dress with a trendy woven bag and stacked block-heeled sandals that give it a modern edge. Or maybe you are auditioning for Oklahoma? This could be your next favourite farmers market look or just a coffee and errands look!

    White Day Dress
  5. Farmers Market Boho

  6. An alternative to the previous style if you have been invested in the midi skirt and dress style. Floral motifs are essential to the boho look. Added THE summer heel with wedge heel espadrilles, you have the perfect summer look that is both comfortable and trendy, what more does a girl need?

  7. Goth Boho

  8. Want to look like an edgy country singer that may or may not be transitioning to the big Hollywood stardom? Nonetheless, this is the ideal blend between an edgy giving you the whimsical goth aesthetic look. Adding a few layers of jackets with motifs would make you look like you walked off the set of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

  9. LA Boho Chic

  10. Ever wondered what a LA grunge boho girl would wear? This style also includes Y2K elements giving a look that Maddy Perezz or Alexa Demie would wear.

  11. Miley Cyrus Boho Chic

  12. Finally coming to the newest TikTok style and lifestyle inspiration–The Coastal Cowgirl; or Miley CyMalibuilbu era. Incorporating boho, clean Texas-core outfits into a fashion statement is something only Miley Cyrius can do, given her style roots in edgy boho chic. Dress like there’s a Party In The USA.

  13. Minimalist Boho Chic

  14. If your style is a little on the simpler side, where you like sticking to classic colours and minimal motifs, this is your perfect look for the boho style. Who said minimal style had to be only about linen shirts and co-ord sets?