Trending Accessories of 2023

Trending Accessories of 2023

Accessories are vital to styling, you will never see a well-dressed person without accessories. Despite what Coco Chanel said about removing one accessory before leaving the rules of etiquette preached by rich people. Fashion accessories are essential and it doesn't matter how many you wear. For the last couple of years, accessorizing trends have all been about the “clean” and minimalist look. We have seen an abundance of minimalist gold hoop earrings, dainty necklaces, and chunky gold rings. But starting a new page; the fashion industry this season has taken a turn towards maximalism once again. As the trend cycle keeps switching from minimalism and maximalism, big accessories are big again. We are going back to 2010 when big embellished handbags and bracelets were all the rage.
2021 was all about mini sunglasses and mini skirts, and 2022 was all about dainty jewelry, micro bags, and belle flats. 2023 seems to be the year where we max out our credit cards and fashion potential. Chunky vintage accessories with statement bags made of all sorts of materials are in tune with the fashion trends. Even in fashion, maxi dresses and skirts have made a classic comeback along with big furry bucket hats.


Here is the list of our favorite 2023’s trending accessories;

1. The Big Three- Handbags, Belts, and Necklaces


Styling any dainty necklace is a no-brainer, it looks good with everything but it can also get VERY boring very soon. It starts looking more like a personal item that you wear because it's precious, not because it adds any interest element to it. We started with a classic 2010s trend of layering necklaces which soon developed into luxury fashion houses bringing back chunky chains. The key difference in styling chunky jewelry is that you need to know what works for you and your outfit if you want to avoid looking like a Disney Channel character from Shake It Up. From “skirt should be the size of a belt to belt to the size of a skirt”, with corsets ruling the majority of 2010s and 2020s, humongous belt shave made a comeback again this year. With metallic chunky belts hitting the thrift stores and Y2K trends dominating fashion, chunky belts are the new microskirts. Everyone wants to wear it but not everyone can pull it off.

2. Bucket hats


Have been a staple since the comeback of 90s trends and the popularization of K-pop. Allow us to elaborate, with K-pop idols wearing bucket hats to cover up their faces, and for stage performances, as their airport looks got more famous, everyone wanted to recreate those looks. Bucket hats provide safety from the sun, and also provide a more edgy and easygoing vibe to your outfit. They are super fashionable hats and can be paired with literally any outfit. Bucket hats, even after nearly 3 decades remain to be the superior hat trends.
But along with cute bucket hats this year we have also seen a rise in big beach statement hats. This summer is all going to be about humongous hats and sun protection. With sunscreen sales on the rise, people will be chasing that extra shade this summer. Pairing them with equally chic summer dresses and swimsuits.

3. Big roses

A trend from Gossip Girl days when wearing large and 3D Botanique applique was cool, has made a comeback. But this time, it's not an entire garden (thank god) just the roses, and we’re keen on this trend becoming huge with the French Chic style. 3D rosettes with the black choker are probably the best accessory 2023 fashion trends can bring. It gives early Gucci days, it’s giving rich wine aunt who only buys Dior or Chanel. We are still not sure about Roses on dresses, it feels like a lazy attempt for red carpet looks but surely works for a maximalist edge on daily outfits.


4. Gloves


HBO’s Sex and the City reboot might have been off characters but it did get one thing about older Carrie right. Her addition of gloves to her wardrobe even makes safety look chic and fashionable. Gloves have been slowly making their way back into mainstream fashion trends after multiple celebrities have been spotted wearing gloves instead of necklaces on red carpets. It's giving a recession core but makes it chic. Gloves mainly started getting popular around the Covid 19 pandemic, but have become a massive hit in recent months. They add a very chic edge to any outfit and with the wide variety available these days, they could become a staple accessory again

5. Crescent bags

One can consider the unique crescent shape a combination of a 2010 hobo and shoulder handbags. They were well due on their comeback with the rise of all Y2K trends by GenZ. Part of which is because of the popularization of thrifting and nostalgia. Now that crescent bags have made a comeback, we have truly made a turn back to the trends we cringed on 10 years ago. Crescent bags are a type of handbag that is named for their croissant-like crescent moon shape. These bags have a curved bottom and a narrow top and can be worn over the shoulder or across the body using a long strap.They are adaptable fashion accessories that can be dressed up or down and can add a touch of refinement and elegance to any outfit. Overall, these bags are an equally trendy and stylish accessory that is perfect for those looking for a unique and fashionable handbag.


The major key to all of these trends is that they are from different time periods. The big handbags? From the 2010s, big bucket hats? The 90s Big buckle belts and crescent bags? The only y2k trends remaining to make a comeback. Big Roses? Which date back to the 1930s. Gloves? Another 1920s staple. The cycle keeps turning faster these days; but if you want to accessorize correctly, trial and error are the way ahead. Find new fashionable accessories which complement you more than following trends. The major advantage is that this is the most amount of choice we have with experimenting with our personal style. There are no limits to what you can and cannot wear, so it is completely suitable if you still prefer minimalist designs but we would highly recommend you to try out chunky jewelry as well.