Happy FRIYAY ladies! Can you believe Valentine’s Day is just 9 days away! It already feels like this year is flying by, does anyone else feel that way? Whether you’re going out on a hot sexy date, staying inside and cooking a quixotic dinner for your sweetheart, or celebrating single with your cat We’ve got you all covered! Today we are sharing how to style for Valentine’s Day with two chic looks that would go with any of the occasions mentioned above. The 2nd look is more on the casual side so if you’re celebrating single staying home just swop out the sexy heels for some comfier flats, lol!


Going GAGA over this light-wash cropped denim jacket by LondonRag that will pass over really well into the spring season! Cropped jackets are so easy to style with literally any outfit you wear, including evening dresses, leather pants, denim on denim, or short skirts. They are super pocket-friendly, being under $60. It fits true to style!


2022 is ready for spring, Valentines is a perfect occasion to sport a flowy dress, they are becoming designers and people’s favourite pieces to wear! Trending fashion that is loved, is the sexy cut-out detailing making this fashion more gratifying. Would you believe it if we told you it’s below $70?! It’s recommended to pair high heels with these sexy dresses – some of my favorites are these shown above from London Rag. I also suggest ankle boots with mid-heels to pair with these outfits.


Your footwear is an essential part of your Valentine’s Day outfit. You’ll want to wear comfortable shoes that are suitable to both the situation and the rest of your ensemble. If you’d like to sport high-heel, but you’re anxious about your feet would be sore toward the end of the night, then go-pro and add a little padding around your heel – your date is not going to know the difference, but your feet might!

If you don’t already own a pair of sexy high-heels, these are for you! High heels are an unmistakably wardrobe essential that every woman should own. These trendy heels will go with almost all the outfits in your closet and have an elongating effect on your legs making you look leaner and taller. These are super comfortable, just buy perfect size for yourself, and your feet will never hurt when you wear them!


Everyone love and always carry a bag when, they go out, and these are some honorable mentions from the streets of London! A stunning black colour that goes with everything from winter classic whites to insta pretty pastels. If big brands are out of your budget, no worries! You can find fashion worthy bag by London Rag that you going to love just as much and its budget friendliness. You can also view a ton of preowned branded bags on The “RealReal” for a little less if you want brand or if you are into sustainable fashion league.

This look is more casual of the options and perfect if you’re staying home or going somewhere that’s more casual!


This trendy cardigans are super stylish and you will love them for so many reasons. The style of this cardigans is stunning and they make you look luxe and fashion forward. It’s surprisingly under $65! You will also love that it can be thrown up or down depending on how you pair it. They are in trend comfier and not going out of fashion anytime soon.


If someone tells, you can’t wear anything but flower flowy dresses in the spring because everything else is out of fashion for this season. SO, ANNANOMOUSLY, We’re HERE TO ARGUE THAT CLAIM. We think you can pull off any outfit you want in Spring, so we are pulling out everyone’s favourite bodycon dresses and show how, you can wear this style during these springy months. Bodycon dress doesn’t have to collect dust in your closet during spring. And chose a bright coral hue shoe for this season. You can also pair it with pastels, mint green, hot red, dark brown….go crazy with option available.