Wardrobe wish list

wardrobe wishlist

Having a Wardrobe Wish List does not make you greedy or silly. This list is not a pie in the sky kind of want list.

Instead, a Wardrobe Wish List is a strategically devised list of the pieces that you think might would work well in your existing wardrobe to help create outfits that line up with your personal style essence, lifestyle, color palette and body shape and proportions.

It’s all about strategy. And remember, the purpose for the strategy is to, eventually, create a more minimal wardrobe, a more streamlined and efficient one.

Wish lists are made for numerous occasions. We make them for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, baby showers, and everything in between. But, today, the wish list we are focusing on is a fashion list: what are the must-have items that you would love to make your own? To help answer this question we are, happy to share what items should be topped in your wardrobe wish lists.

Be cool with Cardigan and Sweaters

The cardigan sweater is the perfect staple piece in any wardrobe if you have a love for layering. This style staple is also the ideal piece of clothing to transition from Summer to Fall with its varying fabric weights and relaxed layering concept. You will also find that a good neutral-colored cardigan can last a lifetime as it can go with practically anything.

Awesome Jackets

Women’s jacket has gained much credibility and fame in fashion within a couple of decades – and rightfully so! Continuously improving in designs and styles keeps the ladies to stick with it because the jacket is the only staple that suits every dressing of ladies.

A stylish women’s leather jacket completes your wardrobe wish list. Whether you are a rider or a fashionista girl, the jacket will refresh your style and keep you warm. Sometimes when you’re in a hurry and need an instantly stylish outfit then a faux-leather-fur-lined-jacket would work for you. It has been using as casual, formal, and fashion apparel among women.

It is one of the most timeless outfits that are worn by everyone once a year in one season is jackets. They make quite fashion statements that have been leaving an impact on the people. The jackets are not just a garment but it is also often used as an accessory in an outfit the way it’s worn. And not to forget that the jackets keep you warm during the winter. All these things and many more, make the jacket wardrobe essential.

So, when the short clothes are enclosing themselves in the closet, it is the season for jackets to reappear and take over the world. If you’re still not convinced why one should opt for jackets, here is another reason: you can repeat an outfit by giving it a completely new look by topping it with a jacket or a coat; or if you have already worn it with one jacket, you can always change the jacket for the new look. With tons of jackets available in the market and the fashion industry, all one needs to do is take a pick which jacket goes best with the outfit and looks great while going out.

All time Pants

Pants! It is a word that rules over every woman’s heart. It is a kind of bottom wear that is perfect for every occasion. The right pair of pants helps your body look flattering. And that’s the reason why so many different types of pants available in the market. You will feel versatile in it if you will pair it with the right top. From a formal look to a casual look, you can achieve everything from this fashion item.

A woman can never have too many pants in her wardrobe since there are so many different pant styles. But a few styles are very useful and common and keeping a few pants of those styles in your wardrobe can never hurt.

So, snug around with babe-boss-faux-leather-pants and mesh-zipped-up-track-pants

these pants have been one of the most trending wear types for women in recent times. Great for all kinds of occasions spanning across both formal and informal, you can just as easily glam up your outfit with these pants and a romantic blouse as you can keep your look basic by pairing them with a solid muscle cropped tee.

Elegant and classy Skirts

A tube-shaped garment hanging down the waist is the second oldest garment known to people in history. It is a most iconic and ultimate feminine staple piece of a woman’s wardrobe. With the advancement in the fashion arena, the style, length and types of skirts have been transformed to align with the contemporary spirit of the time. With different types of skirts entering the fashion world, women all across the board adopt the styling sense instantly.

Skirts are a must-have item for any woman on their wish list. Whether you prefer elegant outfits or casual outfits, skirts should be included in your wardrobe essentials list. There are many style choices you can choose from but keep in mind that every woman needs a bow-detail-miniskirt that looks amazing on her body shape.

Skirt fashion is an easy way to look chic effortlessly. Different types of skirts help you achieve looks for different occasions. A skirt could be straight, bouffant, or flared designed in almost all the lengths including knee length (above or below the knee), tea length (mid of calf), floor-length, ballerina length, etc. The skirt outfits are fun, glam and versatile to be worn for life’s various occasions. Depending on the style and profile of the outfits with skirts, one can pull off a range of looks like feminine, fun, sophisticated, chic, prim and proper.

Fashionable Jeans

If there's one piece of cloth around which our life revolves, it has to be jeans. No matter when and where you are, this is one fashion item that stays constant across the globe in every culture and social background. Practically, if we see we spend most of our time in that one pair of jeans only, it becomes like our second skin because those jeans are of the perfect fit and comfort.

But we still can't stop ourselves from buying a new pair whenever out on a shopping spree because there are just too many varieties in the market. It doesn't matter whether we are allowed to go out any time soon or not, buying jeans is where the fun lies and life's too short to spend it wearing a single type of jeans throughout.