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Work from Home outfits at this very time of Pandemic

work from home


Though the world is going through a drastic situation globally, our responsibilities towards our workspace have not reduced rather has been becoming challenging. We all are in this together, as we prove to soon stand up again as a global market. The methods of working have changed; from personal meetings it has moved to video calls or Skype calls, from one-o-one reporting it has moved to group video chats. We all are taking precautions to face this situation together. Nevertheless, we still need to look our best to make the pitch.

Your first impression still matters, A happy face on a video call still gives hope and we as a fashion brand still believe that we need to put our best foot ahead always and in STYLE.

So, as an online fashion store, we have taken the initiative to go a step ahead and give you simple tips and tricks to crack this situation in the most trending way for COVID-19 Pandemic emergency work from home scenario.

The Lazy Outfit

The girls, who are working from home and are not the face of the company, can have a more relaxed look for internal video calls. After all these guys, are from your company and they know you. So you can relax and wear what is comfortable and still do your work at your best doing a one-liner T and shorts or you can go with a casual hoodie and pajamas.

If your one of those who would like to add some splash of color go with Coral Knitted Crop Top or White Contrast Strap Top

The OMG! I’m still in the game outfit


You in sales? You in Media? Well, you need these tips the most. As you are the face for your company and need to tackle the client every day, you need to look your best on every call. You JUST CANT repeat your clothes!! You don’t want your client to feel that you are taking them too lightly.

Trick: Dress your self till the Waistline.


You might be wearing a pajama down below, or even you hot shots! Who cares! But till your waist, you should be decked up! Throw on a light color slip top and wear a sharp blazer or a trench coat to make your outfit stand. Accessories them with a tiny thin neckpiece or wear a shiny hair clip to make a neat impression.

Keep it "The Cool Outfit"


Your work profile does not demand too much from you but you have to work with a lot of freelancers, other work employees or maybe lead a team internally; you would need to look nice and representable. Don’t overdo it with a blazer or a coat but you can surely pull off a summery dress or maybe a Denim Dungaree. Here are some quick links to the products we have in store for you.

It looks like office outfit


If you in for some stand up presentation explanation and it feels like yet another Friday at work for you, we have something special for you too. Try out some distressed jeans with Front Tie Spaghetti (We have some great color options) or you can try an all-time favorite all denim look.Here is a link to our ALL DENIM LOOK


Look the best outfit

In the end it all drops down to looking the best and feeling the most comfortable. Choose an outfit that makes you comfortable but gives you the feel of dressing up.

The times are tough and we have to be indoors, but that should not stop us from looking good or feeling good. We need to motivate others and ourselves by wearing a pretty dress, outing on the danglers in your ears and carrying out the most beautiful smile you got. Coz friends HOPE is all that we got.

Work from Home outfits at this very time of Pandemic |