6 Fall 2023 Fashion Trends To Look Out For

6 Fall 2023 Fashion Trends To Look Out For

The summer sun is soon to set and fall into the horizon, and while we’re all hyped and indulging in the glorious mermaid core aesthetic and Barbie inspired looks with popping colors, come autumn is all about sharp silhouettes and full of sophisticated classics, with of course bit of a twist. It’s never too soon to get a headstart on the upcoming fall wardrobe.

The runways showcased exaggerated but sharp cuts and silhouettes with a classic autumn color palette with black and red being a prominent fall 2023 colors trends feature on the runway. Soft pleats, ruching, and peplum in dresses and tops have made a distinctive comeback. Yes, peplum, we know it’s hard to digest but give them a try while you’re at it and you just might end up amazed and in awe! Quiet luxury is also a term making the rounds and was witnessed on the runways with versatility at its core!

We’ve gone in-depth to understand and narrow down trends that can be incorporated into our regular wardrobes in a subtle yet impactful way! Keep reading for all the fall fashion 2023 must-haves in your fall closet!


Be it sandals, corset tops, skirts, or pants, there’s going to be lace everywhere! Lace up sandals or rather lace up heels came back last year with the post-pandemic Y2K aesthetic and then with the beautiful corsets. It slowly leaned into dresses skirts, and even jeans for that sexy element that has everyone in a frenzy.

Biker Girl Aesthetic

Another one from the 20s and 2000s is the grungy but chic biker girl aesthetic that the masses especially Gen Z can’t get enough of. Cool, oversized jacket, faux leather zipper-ups, black boots, and faux leather clothing, sleek but edgy!


Things are getting bulkier every year, and this year is taking it to a whole other level. The puffer jackets are puffier than ever this season and are all about making a big and bold statement! Now, we know that puffers are usually saved for the winter, but if boots can go on for the whole year around, some puffer in fall is not too surprising!

White Shirt

A capsule staple, a white shirt is the one versatile piece that we all have in our wardrobes. And as fall is all about layering, the most prominent element in the outfits on the runway layering style has been the white shirt! An oversized white shirt to be precise bringing back androgynous fashion.


Bring on the big bold floral prints, because we’re adding a touch of spring to this fall! Many think that fall is all about dark and dull colors with sharp or solid patterns and it is. However, this fall is sure to be a treat with a twist! The bright florals over a dark color palette are stunning and make a distinctive impression with the contrasting impression! From a floral dress to floral jackets, it’s that statement piece you need in your fall fashion 2023 wardrobe


Pleated skirts are an absolute must-have for this season, especially the long ones made of faux leather. From cargo skirts to denim minis, long skirts, and low-slung styles, this season is all about making pleats look cool and edgy in every way we can!