9 Bridal Shoes You Need To Add To Your Wedding Cart RN!

Okay, listen up, bridezilla! It's your big day, and you need shoes that scream, "Flawless and ready to party!" Ditch the sensible shoes for a minute 'cause we're talking about the kind of footwear that makes jaws drop and dance floors cry.

No matter your style, there's a perfect pair of bridal shoes waiting to complete your bridal look. Just remember, this list isn't just the regular wedding heels menu; they're your trusty wedding wingmen (or wingwomen)!

Let's get rolling into the world of the best wedding heels by your go-to footwear brand, London Rag! Shop the collection here: Bridal Collection

1. Martini Sky High Platform Sandals

Let's jazz up your wedding shoe game with these red high-platform heels because forget boring white bridal shoes and uncomfortable flats! These fiery heels are the perfect way to add some major drama and spice to your walk down the aisle and beyond.

First of all, let's talk about the statement you'll be making! These red high-platform heels are state-of-the-art pieces. They're not for the faint of heart but for the bride who wants to turn heads and own her day. Plus, the platform design with the block heel gives you some serious height without compromising on comfort – who needs a prince to carry you when you can walk down the aisle like a queen in these beauties?

2. Firebird Pump

Forget boring white bridal shoes and impractical bridal shoes with block heels or bridal shoes with low heels! These lilac velvet stiletto heels are pretty, elegant, and all things needed for a bride-to-be.

Who says bridal shoes can't be comfortable? Stilettos can be surprisingly comfy, especially if they're well-made, like these beauties. And let's be honest, if you can handle the hustle and bustle of your wedding day, you can handle a little heel!

Plus, these shoes are so versatile! You can dress them up with a sparkly clutch or keep things more casual with a delicate bracelet. The bridal shoes also look amazing in photos, adding a pop of color that will make your wedding pics unforgettable. So don't wait any longer; add these gorgeous lilac velvet stiletto heels to your cart now! They're the perfect way to show off your unique style on your wedding day.

3. Fonda Pump

These bridal shoes low-heel lace-up sandals are the comfy, chic kicks you need to conquer your wedding day. Ditch the boring white bridal shoes and those sky-high stilettos that might leave you teetering down the aisle (not a good look). These lace-up sandals are the perfect blend of style and practicality – like your something old meets something new, all rolled into fabulous footwear!

Let's be real; comfort is key to your wedding day. You'll be dancing, mingling, and maybe even doing a little happy cry—all while looking flawless, of course. These beauties offer the perfect balance of a slight heel (think comfy) for elegance but with a comfortable spool heel that will keep your feet happy all night long. Plus, the lace-up detailing adds romance and lets you adjust the fit for ultimate comfort—designer bridal shoes that actually prioritize your feet. Yes, please!

4. Backstage Rhinestone Embellished Ultra High Platform Sandals

Can we please take a moment to talk about the luxurious rhinestones?

They're like tiny little fairy lights for your D-Day, making your special day even more perfect! These aren't your average designer bridal shoes—they're a statement piece.

But wait, there's more! Unlike some wedding heels that leave your feet screaming for mercy by the end of the night, these spool heels offer just the right amount of lift without sacrificing comfort. Spool heels are wider than stilettos, providing more stability and support—perfect for dancing the night away without a single worry.

Plus, the black color makes them ultra-versatile. They'll complement a traditional white gown beautifully, but they can add an element to a more non-traditional wedding dress.

5. Elisda Blue Diamante Bow Heeled Mules

Comfort is key on your wedding day. You've got a million things to think about, and your bridal shoes shouldn't be one of them. These mules, with their mid-heel design, are designed to be walked in and danced in all night long. Plus, they slip on and off easily, so no wrestling with fussy straps or buckles on your big day.

And let's not forget the versatility! These diamante blue heel mules can take you from ceremony to reception with ease. Pair them with a flowy, romantic gown for a utopian touch or a bridal co-ord set for a contemporary look. They're so unique that they practically qualify as designer bridal shoes (without the designer bridal shoe price tag!)

6. Krypton Marble Print Clear Block Heel Sandals

YAY! It's time to ditch the classic white heels and stuffy pumps because these marble print clear block heel sandals are the statement piece your wedding shoe collection needs. Forget uncomfortable bridal flats or impractical stilettos. These bridal sandals are the perfect blend of trendy and comfy, letting you walk down the aisle (and dance the night away) in style!

The marble print adds a touch of trendy notion to your bridal look, and the clear block heel makes them look practically weightless. Plus, clear block heels are all the rage for a reason – they provide stability and support, all while adding a little height, and these bridal shoes deliver.

7. Chaumet Rose Bow Embellished Sandals

These ought to be London Rag's hot-selling stiletto bridal shoes! They're like a blooming bouquet with delicate red satin embellishments, adding a lot of romance to your designer bridal shoes. The stiletto heel is the right height to elongate your legs while making you feel like a total wedding day rockstar!

Now, we know stilettos have a reputation for being uncomfortable, but these comfortable bridal shoes might surprise you! A well-made stiletto can actually provide surprising arch support, and Chaumet is known for its quality craftsmanship. That being said, comfortable bridal shoes are definitely a priority, so if you're worried about feeling sore after hours of dancing, consider practising walking in them beforehand. You could also pack a pair of flats for later in the night, just in case!

8. Firecrown Rhinestone Platform High Block Sandals

One pair of comfortable bridal shoes deserves a spot in your wedding shoe collection, like, right now! The rhinestones are bound to gather all attention, while the platform block heel will offer some serious height without sacrificing comfort.

Trust us, after a night of celebrating, your feet will thank you for the extra support with these bridal shoes block heels. Now, we know what you might be thinking: platform heels can't possibly be comfortable, right? Well, these bridal sandals might surprise you! The platform design actually helps distribute your weight more evenly, making them surprisingly comfy for a heeled shoe. And let's not forget the block heel, which adds stability compared to a stiletto. Wear them with a romantic gown or sleek jumpsuit for a night full of cocktails!

9. Clarisse Diamante Faux Suede High-Heeled Pumps

Calling all classy brides who're suckers for diamantes! With these uber-high stiletto pumps, bridal elegance is what's about to be the most discussed on your wedding day. These designer bridal shoes are designed to make you feel like royalty for all the right reasons!

These timeless, comfortable bridal shoes feature the right blend of delicate diamantes and soft suede, creating luxury and sophistication. You can finally walk down the aisle or dance the night away in these pumps without going full-on disco ball.