A Day in the Life (of Fashion)

Wake up in the mornin' feelin' like P Diddy
Grab my glasses, I’m out the door, I’m gonna hit this city
Before I leave, dress the sleeve with a ‘fit from London Rag
'Cause when I leave for the night, I ain't comin' back…

8:45 am: Up & at ‘em.
It may be old, but Kesha’s song (with a slight modification) is definitely gold. It’s frankly the only thing that’s getting me up and at ‘em in the morning. Anyways, today, my dearest diary, is a busy day. We’ve got errands to run, meals to cook, cocktails to drink, and on top of all that: outfits to plan. Although the Spring season is quickly dawning upon us, we can still feel the windy chills of winter, so picking out the perfect weather-appropriate, fashionistas-approved outfits may slightly involve a gamble. But, as they say, nothing great comes without taking a rest. So, Tick-tock on the clock This girl’s ready to rock…

9:00 am: Oh, my quad.
The first thing that’s up on the list is to HIIT the gym (wink, wink). Every morning I have this same feeling of tiredness and laziness; the same voice tells me to go back to bed and avoid the wrath of a wearying workout. And while I could very (and I mean, very) easily succumb to the temptation, a memory quickly springs to mind.

Rewind 8 years ago: I was diagnosed with asthma after not being able to breathe. It was a horrible feeling; to feel helpless and lost about something that generally just happens without thinking. I feared that my only option was to be heavily reliant on a preventing inhaler. But I was shown that there was another route available: running. I know it sounds quite ironic, running (a process known to healthily put you out of breath) to overcome asthma (a respiratory disease established from its ability to put you out of breath). But, in a weird way, it worked. Running does more than release sweat – it released me; it freed me from my asthma.

With that memory heavily engraved into my mind, it’s ready to kick in just as I think about giving in. Now the only thing left that’s getting in the way of me squatting like a boss is finding the right athleisure wear.

What to wear to the gym is always a topic of contemplation. For instance, when I’m running, I prefer wearing exercises shorts rather than gym leggings because I like my legs to be able to feel loose and liberated. And I’d team up these biker shorts with an easy sports bra (and some pink trainers to complete the ensemble) to fully encapsulate that openness spirit.

But, then again, I think I’m feeling a more calming, yoga session today, so I’ll opt for a nice matching women fitness set instead, just so I feel as put together as the poses I will soon perform.

11:30 am: But first, Brunch.
It’s everyone’s favourite meal of the day: brunch. Having breakfast food for lunch is an underrated concept that needs to be spoken about… After a good workout, especially, you need some delicious food to reward yourself!

Acai bowls are all the rage these days. It really does live up to its reputation of being one of the healthiest yet yummiest dishes. And since it’s berry easy to make, I can just breeze around in my comfy loungewear for this part of my afternoon.

So I need to pick out the right pair of joggers – an essential task: you want to get sweatpants that manage to strike the perfect balance between feeling cosy yet being posey (you know, just in case someone unexpectedly shows up!) For that reason, I think I’m going to go with these new-in tie-dye high waisted jogger pants – plus, with all the pastel shades, these bottoms fully encompass the spirit of Spring! To finish off the look, I’m selecting a simple white blouse and this super sick embroidered jacket for when the chills shiver in.

2:30 pm: Tick the Checklist.
Full, re-charged and ready to go! Next on today’s schedule is running all the errands I’ve been putting off. But now that I’m content from my acai bowl and eager to continue this productivity stream, I’m ready to tick off all the pending tasks.

Before heading out the door, we need an outfit change. While the tie-dye joggers are comfortable enough to wear out, I think we could do with a little more formality – all the more because some of the errands we have to run include going to professional places, like the bank. As they say, look like a girl, act like a lady and work like a boss.

And now I know just the look. I’ll wear my favourite velvet black blouse top since its thin long sleeves make it suitable for the windy yet warm weather while its floral pattern renders it fashionable for the Spring season. Jeans go best with this outfit, so these comfy mom-fit

black jeans are truly the way to go. For shoes, these croc buckle loafers wholly fulfil a shoe’s duties to be stylishly comfortable.

Now they’re only two items left before this outfit goes from semi-cute to trend-setting: firstly, this on-the-move crossbody bag that proves to be a fashion (and back, lol) saviour when there’s a lot to lug around, and secondly, these gorgeous cat-eye sunglasses to add that extra boss-like energy to the whole ‘fit.

Outfit? Check. Wallet? Check. Documents? Check. Oh hey, look at us go, we’re already tickin’ them boxes.

6:30 pm: Dinz, Dazzle and Dance.
It’s been a long but extremely efficient day, and for that, we deserve to relax, let loose and boogie it up with the gals. From dinner to drinks to dances, it’s going to be a late night tonight…

But before any of the partying, we need to solve our little conundrum: what look are we going for tonight? You see, we have two very feasible options:

The first one is this black sexy spaghetti dress. Its slip-on style, knee-length design makes it easy to style. I’ll just strap on the famous clear block-heel sandals, grab my new and trendy clear-box clutch bag, accessorise it with a brown-gold watch and I’ll be ready to dance the night away with my BFFs.

However, the second option (which, now that I think about it, I’m more inclined to go with) has a brighter pop of colour, in line with Spring and all its fashion features. So perhaps this hot and fun candy-floss tube top paired with a statement skirt would elicit the right festive feels. Unique lace-up sandals and a chic white croc-textured sling bag would elevate this look to new levels of sexiness. And to top it off, I’ll wear my hair up with an embellished hair clip. With this attire, there is no doubt that the vibes will be truly immaculate.

With that being said, Don't stop, make it pop
DJ, blow my speakers up
Tonight, I'ma fight
'Til we see the sunlight
Tick-tock on the clock
But the party don't stop, no….

Until next time, diary. XO