All About Aesthetics With London Rag

All About Aesthetics With London Rag

Fashion is always evolving, resurging, and redefining, just like life. And fashion is a core part of our life as it depicts our constant changes, preferences, likings, and most times, even our personality. And in today’s rapidly changing social media trends and styles, we are seeing a lot of repetition of the past aesthetics that are now trending. Current situations are similar to what we have experienced in the past; therefore, we see the trends and aesthetics of the time come back in a more refined and evolved manner.

But the one thing that does not pace is our moods and personal preferences. Though they slowly evolve with our age and experiences, the way we showcase our changes is most of the time directly connected to our fashion choices. On the days when we are the happiest and most relaxed, we lean toward light and bright clothes, on the days when we want to present ourselves seriously and look bold and confident, we lean towards darker, sharper, and more structured clothing. While many do this almost unconsciously, these depict our personality or rather moods through our fashion.

We even see designers showcasing either general current issues or their personal journey through their fashion which makes it relatable. The season relates the clothes to the weather and how we feel during the weather and the clothes depict the aesthetic of these directly in their fashion. We have also witnessed this in many films and through personal experiences about how we dress in a dull manner like gothic on the days we are sad we lean towards a more light academia vibes, and dress more brightly and heavily like the Y2K era when we are happy. And this is what makes our fashion aesthetic.

Following are some of the aesthetics that we see frequently and could help revamp or add to your wardrobe!

Art Hoe

Art hoe was a popular aesthetic on Tumblr and was a large part of pop culture. It depicts artsy elements mostly focusing on nature and art like flowers, paintings, bright colors, and more. The clothing for this aesthetic mostly includes color blocking, floral prints, pleated details, plaid prints, checkers, etc. Here, we’re pairing some fun checkered wide-leg pants with a multi-colored butterfly tube top. The contrasting prints are fun, bright, and artsy. And the white sneakers are a nice break from the maximalist fit.


Many perceive the bohemian aesthetic to be related to the vibes of dreamcatchers, which is not entirely true to its nature. The bohemian fashion aesthetic leans towards a more hippie and vintage feels where the fabrics are threadbare and knitwear and crochet clothes are involved, with varied prints and colors, chunky accessories, etc are involved. We’ve got some floral print shorts here with pom pom lace at the hem, paired with a pleated bustier top and espadrilles platform sandals. The added crochet bag adds a bit of playful element to the whole look and makes the fit fun, easy, and light.



Dark Academia

Luxurious, rich, dark, and mysterious, the dark academia aesthetic is mainly focused on darker neutrals. It also includes a hint of gothic but in a more sophisticated and elegant way. The aesthetic is very vintage European and focuses on the elite fashion and vibes of the time. The colors are mostly dark neutrals, greens, etc. The fashion leans towards corsets, trousers, blazers, plaid and checkered prints, and clothing that is a bit masculine and sharply structured. We’re styling a fancy mini dress, though you can have a pick of mini dresses that have ruffles, and laces, and pair it with these structured croc sandals which blend well with the green. The color palette is very dark academia and we love to see it.

Light Academia

Light academia is all about calm, elegant, and light visuals where you feel soothing and serene. The light academia aesthetic is almost contradicting the dark academia aesthetic and is all about neutrals like beige, off-white, white, and pale pastels. It’s all about light art paintings, nature, clothing, and decor. The fashion often includes plaid, plain clothes, light cotton, silk and satin, and coffee latte vibes that make you feel cozy and relaxing. Here we’re pairing a ruched bodycon dress which is beige and light with a one-shoulder strap and a thick, cozy sleeveless faux fur teddy coat, and some simple white heels. The fit is elegant, cozy, and minimal.


Dreamy is all things surreal and soft. The aesthetic revolves around an angelic, clouds, paradise kind of a mood where cotton candy, fluorescent elements, and soft detail visuals are included. The dreamy aesthetic is all about a wondrous, awe-inspiring feel that makes you feel excited but calm at the same time. For us, a dreamy fashion aesthetic is all about ruffles, laces, soft silk, satin, and sheer material which is flowy and beautiful. For a dreamy outfit, we are putting together

French Girl

The French are all about simplicity and finding beauty in the bare minimum, and their fashion showcases just that. The fashion is not exaggerated unless there’s a reason to, and the signature red lip is the most distinctive of the French girl fashion aesthetic. We are pairing a cutout baggy shirt with a wrap-around design and some flared leggings with chunky sneakers. A notch up on the classic french girl. The fit is stylish and minimal, so add a red lip and strut down those streets!