Bad Hair Day? Never Heard of Her

Bad Hair Day? Never Heard of Her

Greasy hair on lazy days or days where you don't have to leave your house is fine. But greasy or frizzy hair on busy and fast-paced days truly suck. Whether you are running late or simply can't wash your hair that day; its no doubt it makes you feel incomplete or yucky sometimes. There’s no shame in having greasy hair, for a lot of people with overactive sebaceous glands, greasy hair comes as quickly as the next day after hair wash. This is typically marked by flat hair at the scalp and normal dry hair around the roots. There are ways to counter this medically and seek advice from professionals if it is followed by flaky skin like dandruff, itching, redness on the scalp and sometimes even pimples.

Sometimes it’s just oily hair that’s as normal as oily skin. In those situations, people just need to make extra effort to maintain their hair’s freshness longer.

On the other hand, if you just want to know how to manage your greasy hair because you have yet to have the time to wash your hair, welcome aboard. And we have made sure to compile a list that just doesn't involve sleek back-scalp-hurting methods that have taken over the internet right now.

Wearing sleek back and tight buns every day (unless it’s required professionally) is a crime against your hair’s well-being. Our point is that your hair doesn't always have to look fresh and bouncy ‘clean’. It can look greasy and be let down to be allowed to breathe in its natural state.

Greasy Hair

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Reminder: Greasy Hair Is Not A Direct Indication Of An Unclean Scalp.

Some of the most famous people who are known for their greasy hair looks are Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, Miley Cyrus and of course Hailey Bieber. Kardashian once said that she only washes her hair once a week, and gradually adapts her hair to its oiliness and volume.

Like we just mentioned greasy hair is very rarely a result of bad hygiene. As it is also commonly a direct consequence of over-washing; where your oil-producing glands feel the need to compensate for the overall dryness in your hair; a dry scalp also leads to dandruff and breakage.

Oily hair is as natural as having hair on your body, it is the way the skin defends itself against harmful and unwanted bacteria. The way ‘oily face’ was deemed to be an indicator of poor skincare and believed to be the root cause of acne. Similarly, as it’s now believed that oily skin is perfectly normal, oily scalp is too.

Hairstyles For Bad Hair Days

  1. Distract

  2. Use accessories, makeup and your clothes to distract people from your messy hair. Big earrings or bold lipsticks are the best go-tos for a lot of famous and fashionable women all around the world.

    Bella Hadid Bob
    R- Sleek Bob Hair Style

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  3. Make It Purposeful

  4. Messy hair and greasy hair are the hottest accessories of 2023 with brands like Miu Miu showcasing their models with purposely “unkept” hair. Especially if you have frizzy hair and you live in humid cities, best to sometimes give up and wear your hair to its current state rather than fight it. It’s high fashion now;

    Long Hair
    M- Miu Miu Runway Hair
    R- Slob Haircut

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  5. Braids

  6. When you have unmanageable hair, on days when hair just doesn't want to sit right, go for braids. When braids are messy they look relaxed and casual. If you have thick partly greasy hair and it won't look right, go for a single braid that way it looks intentional and manages all your problems in one hairstyle.

    90s Braids Hairstyle
    R- Long Braids

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  7. Double Braids

  8. Somedays just call for extra effort, try doing Dutch braids or if you have worn them to death, try a simple double brain but jazz it up with an extra edge like the example below. While it may feel silly to wear two braids as an adult, they are a really good protective hairstyle for bad hair days. So it’s not bad to go for them from time to time.

    Double Sutch Braid

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  9. Y2K

  10. Your hair can be oily or greasy, but nothing a little two strands surrounding your car can fix. It takes the attention away from your hair and also flatters the look of your facial features. This can also be replicated into the Y2K spiky hair trend which was seen to make a comeback sometime last year.

    Oily Ponytail Hair

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  11. Accessory Overload

  12. Whether you are a minimalist girlie or out, you can appreciate a bold hair accessory from time to time. For example, Riri’s hair is full of pins to match her part punk part grunge look. Similarly, one bold accessory like this minimalist beret clip that sits on your head like a metallic bubble.

    Bold Minimalist Hair Accessories
    R- Rihanna Sleek Bob

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  13. Ponytails

  14. A personal greasy hair favourite is a sleek back ponytail. No questions asked, but be careful to not pull your hair back too tightly and to not wear your hair sleek too often, especially if you have thinning hair. Consider this for when you really can't be bothered with anything and have to wear your hair back.

    Frizzy Ponytail
    R- Kat Stratford Aesthetic

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  15. 60s Half Updo

  16. We know that this hairstyle wasn't exclusive to the 60s, but there is something very 60s about this bold feminine hairstyle that makes you look put together within a few minutes!

    Half Up Hair Do

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  17. Bubble

  18. One that needs a little time if you have long hair, but so worth it. A perfect for days when your total hair volume is playing with you. Fake it till you (wash) make it babe!

    Bubble Braids

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  19. Buns

  20. There's a reason why these are kinda so low down on the list. One is that no soul will deny their power on a bad hair day, but we want to suggest you not wear them often for your overall scalp health. But when you do, make sure to not pull your hair back too tightly.

    Sleek Bun
    R- Bella Hadid Sleek Bun

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  21. Ribbons

  22. Who knew a single string of fabric could be used to instantly uplift your hairdo? Ribbons have been used for hairstyles for centuries. Something about your hair being held by a fabric has never gotten out of fashion, and we doubt it ever will.

    Bella Hadid Bob 2
    R- Sleek Bob Hair Style 2

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