Eat wear sleep

Eat Wear Sleep, Eat Sleep Eat, Eat Sleep,

Wear and sleep, Not wear and sleep so confusing,
but one thing is crystal in these lines is SLEEP.

What is that gets you the best sleep ever?
Is it the correct posture? Or the perfect diffuser?

You would be surprised what high percentage does comfort clothing counts in getting the right kind of sleep. Sleep is nothing but getting your body comfortable without the appropriate type of clothes you won't reach there, my friend.

This blog is an inspiration by the London Blogger Kimberly Lapides and her digital blog page "" (at least now you know where the name comes from) as she rightly said, "it’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it that matters. " So let’s talk more about sleep fashion

After a hectic workweek, it's the weekend and the Saturday late morning wake-up, that we all look out for. The undeniable strong desire to not leave the warm, cozy bed for the rest of your life. There are multiple kinds of fashion in bed, out of which I would like to share a few in this blog.

  • The Vacay Sleepwear Fashion
  • The Video Call Eat Wear Sleep Repeat Mantra
  • Instagram Photo Sleep Love
  • Only for me, Taking Fashion in bed
  • The Vacay Sleepwear Fashion: I am sure most of you are dreaming of Vacation well London Rag on Instagram also had that as a latest dream

    But we shall conquer this pandemic and live our dream soon. Vacay Fashion in bed is all about looking good while you are sleeping. When your partner turns and looks at you, you are at your best. (Partner? not always your boyfriend) The outfit is more fun, vibrant and colorful. You can and should experiment with your looks because, I want you to know, no one, I mean "NO ONE" judges on a VACATION!

    Carry the most-awaited, not your color pajamas to this trip. Be bold to try something new, just like your vacation spot. If you at the beach, do a blend or a contrast color. Wear something light or super dry if you feel like going for a

    swim at 2:00 am after playing a round of Piccolo. My usual bet is on an oversized shirt over sexy lingerie. You can also pack a thin spaghetti tunic top.

    The Video Call Eat Wear Sleep Repeat Mantra:

    Fashion had taken a turn way before the pandemic hit us. The fashion rule has relaxed, fabrics have changed over time, and the kind of outfit which is called "appropriate" are smart-casuals now. But we are not going to get there we will only focus on the fashion at 7 pm. These are calls that you have with your friends, the right swipes, or a partner. We all know these calls involve recording, screenshots, and some memories we make along the way.

    This is the new meeting point. Get inspired by women's lifestyle blogs across the web which suggest Snug fit tops, comfortable shorts, matching cord sets, or just a boyfriend shirt. The starry nightshirt is my personal favorite as the fabric is comfortable and natural. As the name suggests it has stars! What else does a girl need at night. The moon & the stars

    summer styles

    Instagram Photo Sleep Love

    As jumbled as this title sounds, so is your mind when you want to upload the right image on Instagram.

    summer styles

    You will not be writing the next fashion dress blog (this is me just guessing, you can surely go ahead and write Girl!) But jokes apart, from how much ever you love Instagram and the fame it gets along, you will not wear a bodycon dress to bed. Wait, will you? ok! Not you, then the other 98% of the girls, let's get real and fashionable here. Quick tips on Instagram photo sleep love reel.

    1. Eat sleepwear Instagram series-1 is about Food on the bed!

    How much ever we deny the fact that food on the bed, is what Mumma told us not to do, but we extremely love it. It has some extra sexiness. You don't believe me? Here are two images to compare

    So get those cord set out and order in a pizza, Girl you have to agree with me Eat sleepwear Instagram is sexier!

    Here are some sets I liked from London Rag!

    summer styles
    summer styles

    2. London Lady on Instagram

    The trick is to drop your hair down and wear a sweatshirt. Check out the top 20 UK Instagramers list, you will find it. Even Sophia & Cinzia follow the same mantra. If you got sweats you got the insta-likes on your fingertips.

    3. Cuddle – e - Instagram

    For all you couples this your game. Cozy wear + Instagram pictures go hand in hand. Oversized hoodie, Fur wear, and also anything which is fluffy (Wink) All your romantic snuggling pictures need some color and style. You want to keep it but have to add the edginess and spark. Use colors wisely, if budget is an issue, do not want to spend extra cash on big brands then check affordable fashion blogs, they always have a way out!

    summer styles

    Only for me, Taking Fashion to Bed: A lot of fashion and lifestyle blogs talk about taking fashion to bed, but what does it really mean? Do you compromise comfort for fashion? You need a balance. Yes, dressing up when you go to bed makes you feel nice from within but do not forget in that bargain you can’t leave comfort on the doormat. Practically speaking think of

    comfort first. That is the priority. Once you have established which fabric works best for you go with it. Some say it is cotton, for a few it might be fur. Silk nightwear is sexier (hands down) but does your body relax with that fabric? Some research even goes as far as calling silk nightwear a highway to insomnia.

    What I suggest out of my experience and my body type is delicate clothing, light colors, and not too tight. if these three fit with fashionable wear why not. Focus on you and what is best for you. Try out few types and pick wisely.

  • Keep it Loose
  • Go without underwear
  • Stick with socks
  • Find a fabric right for you
  • Most importantly, keep it clean.
  • Here you have it an eat-wear-sleep remedy that can optimize your blissful sleep. Getting good slumber requires more than just scheduling a consistent bedtime. In fact, creating the right sleep environment—considering light, temperature, and more—can be the difference between fitful dozing and a long, full night of sleep. Never forget "What you wear in bed is what you will wear in your dreams, so keep it fashionable!"