Fall 2023 Manicure Trends

Fall 2023 Manicure Trends

As Autumn rolls in, it also marks the end of summer with its heat waves. We have gone from strawberry makeup, blueberry milkshake nails and Barbiecore mania to now ivy green nails, candy red nails, gothcore and whimsigothcore.

  1. Gothcore

  2. As the biggest predicted autumn/fall trend of 2023, the whimsical goth or the witchy gothcore is on the rise. As expected of the season, one has to channel their inner witch or ‘dark feminine aesthetic’ for the season.

    Gothcore Nails

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  3. Galaxy Nails

  4. From velvet nails, we have gone down the route of every human fascination aka a multicoloured galaxy. A perfect contrast to the earthy tones of autumn, with the cold celestial skies.

    Galaxy Nails

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  5. Wine Nails

  6. A autumn classic, you can’t go wrong with wine or dark rusty nails during the fall. It has been a cold month staple for decades and actually helps transition into early Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities.

    Wine Nails

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  7. Latte/Hot Chocolate Nails

  8. Comfort drink? Comfort nails? Yes to both. If you’re not much for risque nails during the fall or just really like neutrals, try out warmer brown nude nails for a little festive colour without leaving your comfort zone.

    Latte Nails

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  9. Micro French Nails

  10. Giving into the natural nail trends, we have the customised child of classic French tip nails that dominated the early 2000s, which a lot of early 2000s trends have returned we can say for sure chunky French nails won't be anytime soon! Till then adapt to these micro French tips for a natural look with a fun addition.

    Naked Nails

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  11. Short Natural Length

  12. A revival of the goth kids with natural-length dark-coloured nails, are we shocked? As the scene and emo trends return, so do the short nails that dominate the other spectrum of Y2K culture. Welcome back to the mainstream, short dark nails.

    Short Nails

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  13. Ivy Vine Green Nails

  14. What contrasts the bloody red and burnt orange colours all around you, but is also an essential part of the fall experience? Ivy or dark emerald green nails, be it in any shape or length, will fall as a pumpkin and crunchy leaves on the ground.

    Ivy Green Nails

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  15. Velvet

  16. Are velvet nails now an essential part of staple 2020s manicure trends? Who knows, but they are indeed perfect and fitting for the colder months when everything needs to be warmer, softer and cosier. So get yourself nails that resonate with that.

    Velvet Nails

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  17. Naked Nails

  18. Call them glazed donut, milky, oat milk, nothing, nude or whatnot, but they are the sexiest nail trends of the 2020s. Ideal to get in an almond or pointed shape, but they are truly perfect for every season because how can you go wrong with natural clean nails?

    Naked Nails 2

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  19. Aubergine

  20. Side effects of Wednesday, Hocus Pocus, Roald Dahl’s Witches and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina coming out in the past few years? Witch-renaissance. Whimsigoth is taking over the internet, but nothing beats the witch goth look that has been a crucial part of the Halloween and goth subculture aesthetics.

    Aubergine Nails

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  21. Apple/Candy Red

  22. The antithesis to the wine nails are the candy nails, they are cut from the same cloth yet present very different trends. These bright nails are the perfect counter to the overall earthy and dark tones all around and brighten up your fall outfits!

    Candy Red Nails

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  23. Tortoiseshell Nails

  24. Need unique but not overpowering nails for the new season? Something that looks underrated and festive at the same time? No doubt you should get tortoiseshell nails this autumn. With the right amount of caramel and deep browns, you will have a nail design versatile to match all of your outfits this fall!

    Tortoiseshell Nails

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    All in all, it’s the human condition to prepare yourself for new seasons with a fresh look and mindset. Nature gives us seasons for the very reason to be able to remind and refresh our goals, hopes and nails!