Fast and Fashionable: 10 Ways to Look More Stylish for the Summer

Fast and Fashionable: 10 Ways to Look More Stylish for the Summer

We’re going to take it back a quick second and address the oh, so very misleading preconception that in order to look more fashionable, one needs to have the ‘requisite’ means to do so. Dressing stylishly isn’t always about wearing the highest of brands, the coolest of trends or the priciest of clothing (I mean, who really has the bank account for that…). Rather, it can easily be tucking in your shirt in a new way, adding on a belt to your outfit or playing around with the colours – it’s as simple as that!

So here’s presenting your fast and fashionable guide to get you ready for the summer!

1. Matching Sets

If you’re wondering how to dress fashionably (and weather-appropriately for the summer break), then the starting point has to easily be matching sets. Any coordinating two-piece becomes instantly fashionable. What’s all the more appealing about these sets is how little effort it truly requires. The only thing left for you to do is pick out your shoes and there you have it: one of the most eye-catching outfits by far composed in just a few minutes. These sets are available in a variety of designs and styles, so you never have to worry about running out of options to choose from.

2. Go All Out With Many Colours

Want your identity to shine through your clothes? Simply give your ensemble a personality by throwing out that outdated rule that colours have to ‘go together’. You can totally combine the brightest of colours to create the boldest of looks. Now while mastering the art of pairing colours may appear intimidating, the truth is you just have to go with your own style because only when you feel stylish, you feel more confident; and when you get that confidence booster, any look you’re wearing automatically goes from 0-100. So this summer, don’t overthink what matches and works, just go for it and try out an unusual colour combination. If you’re new to the bright colours game and don’t know where to start, scavenge below for a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

3. Go All Out With One Colour

Or you can go down the (somewhat) opposite end. Instead of mixing it up with all sorts of shades, pick one colour and go all out with it – from top to bottom, accessories and bags, let it all be characterised by that one hue. This alternative is definitely the greatest solution when you want to emit that daring, boss-girl vibe but have no time (because, obviously, boss-girl’s busy on the grind). It narrows down the colours choices, and combinations available so you don’t have to take any substantial time away from your 24/7 (rock and) roll.

4. Pair Your Pants Under Your Dress

Since we’re going down the ‘let’s do something new’ path, it’s time we explore the ‘pants under dress’ latest fashion trend! That’s right, the spotlight on statement tops is now being outshined by full-blown dresses. This is a perfect look for when you want (or rather, need) to style up the go-to dress you wear basically all the time. The trick is to wear bottoms that are skinny or straight-legged (as opposed to flare ones) so as to really capture a streamlined look. By adding pants underneath, you will certainly be giving your outfit a whole new edge. Some call it daring, some call it absurd, but fashionistas call it layering!

5. When in Doubt, Den-‘em

Let’s take a new route now. We’re going all-in for denim because this material is so timeless, so inspirational and always fashionable. It looks good for every season and it’s available in every clothing piece (as evidenced below)! Accordingly, it helps emit all different kinds of vibes: for a cute look, go for a playful jumpsuit; for a hint of cheekiness, opt for a denim bralette; for an edgy look, style it up with your go-to pair of jeans. In any case, one thing is for certain: you can never have too much denim.

6. Wear Your Jacket on Your Shoulders

You’ve heard the phrase ‘put your heart on your sleeve’, but in fashion, we’re now saying ‘put your jacket on your shoulders’. Picture this: more than a jacket, it’s a clothing piece acting as a cape with sleeves that fall by your arms. For those of you who are based in locations where summer is slightly chilly, we’ve got you covered. This is the perfect way to ‘wear’ a jacket and benefit from its warmth without being overheated by it or having to hide the look of your outfit. On how to dress this fashionably, the answer’s simple: size up! When you wear a slightly oversized jacket, it gives you a shape and your outfit volume, adding flamboyance to your look.

7. Tuck it or Knot it

In search of the most effortless-looking, most affordable and most stylish tip to making your clothes even more fashionable? You’re in luck because this trick is for you. This works for all tops – whether you’re wearing a sweater, a tank top, a graphic tee or a silk shirt, you could go two ways: either grab the middle front piece and loosely tuck it down, or tie a knot using the top. With the first way, the less effort you put into the tuck, the better it is. And with the second, put a kink into the fabric in order to accentuate your waistline. Both ways are guaranteed methods of quickly and easily upping your style cred without really doing much!

8. Change Up Your Footwear

Moving from top to bottom, we’re turning to how to make your footwear fashionable fast! One way to look at it is the following: whatever you normally select for shoes, choose the opposite. Embody a new look by opening up your mind (and feet) up to the versatile collection of footwear available. If you’re a high heels girlie, try on some flat booties; if you prefer the more cute and chic sandals, trade them in for a pair of high top sneakers, and if you vibe with sneakers the most, step out of your comfort zone by entering the sphere of heels. No matter if it’s trying on a new form of footwear or opting for a different design, shoes will definitely help make your mark in the world.

9. Belt It Up

We’ve covered many clothing items but this guide would be deemed incomplete if we fail to mention accessories. If you thought dressing the clothes above were fun, girl, you’re in for one heck of a creative ride. Now it’s all about getting artsy and innovative, and the first way to do so is to add a belt. Belts are great items that transform an outfit, making it look fresh while providing an extra dimension. You could spice up almost any outfit with a belt, but the best ways for it to be styled is when it’s worn with oversized clothes since that’s when it can really help capture that hourglass shape.

10. Sunnies and Slings

Have you ever felt like your outfit is missing something but can’t pinpoint what that is exactly? We bet it’s either a pair of sunglasses or a sling bag. These accessories help bring an outfit from layman-approved to fashionista-approved (all the more so if they coordinate with the rest of your outfit). There are endless ways you can wear your shades (on your face, on top of your head or hanging off your top’s neckline) and your sling bag (on the side or crossbody). It really goes without saying: these accessories are undoubtedly style enhancers.

That brings this chapter in our fast and fashionable guide to a close. With all the tips and tricks offered, we hope that you embrace them in your summer outfits! But when you’re doing so, just remember that while these tiny tweaks can create a brand new, next-level outfit, the look is only truly stylish when it helps underline your individuality and makes you feel good when you’re wearing them. XO