Finding Perfect Pair of Jeans: A Guide

Finding Perfect Pair of Jeans: A Guide

Denims have proved to be the biggest thing in clothing of 20’th century, only gaining further momentum. It is a staple – and now we are doing wonders with the fabric. Denim now has so much vibrancy – fabric washes and treatments to surface styling and techniques. Various washes and finishes have guided the final use of denim amongst which denim pants or pair of jeans is basic and common. There exists at least a pair of denim trouser for every person in this world, constantly upgrading and getting new ones.

Raw bottom Straight Cut Jeans

Denims are blended with elasticity enhancing fibres and yarns like spandex to improve wearability and comfort. And hence, they tend to mold, fit over a time in according to body’s shape and features – which is good; as the norm goes, there is nothing comfortable like a pair of old worn-out pair of jeans! However, it is only the case when you have brought up a really good fitting pair of jeans in the first place? How to go about it? We start here:

  1. When you are in the store and trying the piece, make sure it is not sagging around or is baggy around waist, butt and knees. Trying sitting down – standing up and squatting; good quality fabrics tend to retain their size.
  2. Online purchase: Given that we love shopping online and major wardrobe happens courtesy women’s fashion collection available online – we suggest you to this:

Slim Fit gathers Jeans

  • Measure your body: Be really confident with your body as in, know your measurements in and out. There are size charts provided which correspond to bodily measurements in centimetres and metres. Though a standard is followed, sometimes brands have their own product specifications – be sure to check that
  • Go through Size chart on the website: Measure the inseam, Measure the rise and Measure the fit along Waist – the three crucial parameters while buying pair of jeans. Also check if the specified in above or below ankle line. Check for sizes of back pockets. Figure looks broad in case of small pockets and looks narrow in case of big pockets – make sure you check it out.
  1. Different types and styles: Denims have evolved from mining worker’s dress to trousers of work wear. From baggy pants with lots of pockets to semi casual treggings. Let’s have a look at some of them so it helps you to choose:

Black Skinny Ripped Jeans

  • Jeggings: The leggings developed with comfortable and super stretchy denim fabric. The main idea is comfortable yet tight fit, give definition to the body frame without being restrictive.
  • Treggings: Trousers turned denims. The sleek look of office trousers in parallel fit, looks really elegant and keeps comfort high. The treggings come in variety of colors and prints and make for stylish work wear.
  • Wide fit and flared denims: Are the latest fad to hit the town. The Palazzo trend has its share in denims and we see wide jeans pants going good this season. These are tight fitting in the waist area and upper part, do check for the measurements and make sure you achieve the desired look.
  • Straight Fits and Cigarette Pants: They make you look elegant and tall. Make sure they are not too tight and simply accentuate the body. The fabric is of outmost importance. They generally fit more snuggly around knees and then go straight till ankle.
  1. Body Shape: The body shapes are a restrictions if you go by certain standards of beauty. Lot many stories and charts are available on the internet. However, we feel that whatever makes you look confident is never wrong to try. Get your hands on the perfect jeans – choose the right colour, fabric and measurement.

Indigo Washed Ripped Jeans

We leave you with an awesome collection of denims from the London Rag.