Hit The Floor With The Sound Of Clackers

Hit The Floor With The Sound Of Clackers

Fashion is a medium of communication that we indulge in unknowingly sometimes. It depicts our moods, personality, and preferences even before we talk about ourselves, the first impression that sets the way we are perceived. And we all have different outfits for every occasion as well! If you are someone who takes fashion seriously or even really enjoys it, you understand the kind of impact a good pair of footwear has on the overall outfit. Each occasion and outfit calls for different pair of shoes, and it honestly just changes the entire aesthetic and style.

Sneakers are all about looking relaxed, effortless, and casual, while mules are also casual, they are fun and add a bit of femininity to the mix, stilettos are for when you want to look sexy and fancy, and boots are all about making a bold statement. But over the years we have evolved in a way where each style also has different designs which exhibit varied aesthetics. We see boots with platform heels, sneakers with stiletto heels, and mules with bold chunky soles. We have changed the whole dynamic of footwear and it’s fun to experiment with these hybrids of footwear. While fun, it can also be very confusing at times to choose the right kind of footwear for your look. And this is exactly what we are here to help you out with today.

It’s all about exploring the conventional and not-so-conventional styles of fashion, so, read on to get insights on how we would dress for different occasions.

Parties are all about fun, fancy, and a bit of sassy. And it’s all about dancing the night away or chilling with your loved ones. High heel sandals may be uncomfortable to wear but they look oh so sexy, giving you that added elevation that makes a distinctive impression. And if you are one to follow trends, you cannot deny that the platform sandals are raging, especially strappy platform sandals, and look absolutely gorgeous! London Rag has varied designs, color options, and styles that can match whichever vibe you are going for the party! So head onto londonrag.com for more variety!

The spool heels are intriguing with their eccentric shape and make the footwear quirky and exhibit a sense of fun. They are also usually short but you can find some fabulous tall heels on londonrag.com which are unconventional and stunning in all their glory. The spool heels first emerged in Europe in about the 1800s and flourished. And how could they not with their unique style! They are sure to make you stand out in a crowd and look your fashionable best! These are ideal though for workwear to amp up monotonous formal clothing. Or even add to any casual fits as the sandals add an interesting visual feature to the ensemble.

These are perfect for people who think luxury and style is about comfort. Anyone who says fashion is pain has not seen our collection of block heels, because they are absolutely stylish and chic with the addition of comfort and a soft cushion insole that cuts strain. And with an array of varied designs, you are sure to find pairs for every occasion! So, here’s some effortless fashion that is sure to keep you comfortable and looking your best self! The best part of block heel sandals is they are so versatile and perfect for all occasions, especially casual outings like dates, chilling with friends, family barbecue parties, name it, they are relaxed, casual, and stylish.

Grocery run? Casual outing with some friends? A walk around the corner? We all own at least one pair of slip-on flats or flatforms. They are easy, relaxed, and uber cool if you are going through the londonrag.com collection. We see so many different designs, fabrics, and silhouettes in flats that they have long lost the tag of boring. London Rag has faux fur flats, bohemian aesthetic slip-on, diamante detail flatforms, and many more such sliders which have a different aesthetic to them to match varied occasions. Yes, flats have evolved to a point where they can also be worn to fancy occasions where you look stylish and chic and still be comfortable.

And as we all know this is not where it ends. In this era, there are so many evolved designs and aesthetics, that we have an array of varied footwear to match any and every occasion, aesthetic, and mood that we feel. So, head onto londonrag.com for more options and styles!