How To Wear Low Rise The Right Way

How To Wear low rise The Right Way

The low-rise jeans have always been seen as something meant for celebrities with thin and tall bodies as it flattered a particular body type. But as every trend reoccurs, it sees some development that makes it slightly different from its antecedent. While low-rise was recognized in a bad light in the Y2K era, today we see it presented positively.

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The mere mention of low rise has people’s eyeballs falling out of their sockets. The low rise trend was always seen as a horror show for some, as in the 80s and 90s it was symbolic of the pressure and obsession of being size zero and having a flat stomach. In 2022 though, you see a variation of low-rise pants.

In the past, low-rise was mostly seen in the denim department, whereas now, you see them in trousers, joggers, cargo pants, leggings and many more styles. There are also multiple variations in silhouettes such as flared, skin-tight, straight down, etc.

2022 has been all about thinking positively, daring to do what you never could before, breaking the norms, and exploring. Taking all of these into account, we bring you varied ways in which you can style the low-rise look.

  • The most important thing you need to rock low-rise, firstly, is confidence and guts. It’s the 21st century and today, it’s all about your attitude and the way you carry your outfit, rather than the actual outfit.
  • Pick your silhouettes wisely. It is important that you try different silhouettes and understand which ones flatter your body type. Be it skinny or flared, you will know what flatters your figure when you put it on. We have several options for you to see on London Rag!
  • Basic is the way to go. For casual outings, low-rise looks best on tight, cropped tops, tank tops, or shirts tucked-in. Low-rise is all about flaunting, be it your stomach or the waistband of the pants. This is the best part about the new ways of low-rise. The modest and the adventurous, both can enjoy low-rise. Take a look at our collection of basics to pair with your favorite low-rise
  • When in doubt, wear it with a vest. Rock the 90s look by pairing your low-rise pants with any kind of vest. It can be a short, tight vest or a loose vest that fits snugly to your waist.
  • Play sneak peek, by showing off the waistband or the straps of your underwear. Sexy, bold, and beautiful, the look can be paired with a strappy top, voila! You’re ready for a fun night out! Shop some sexy tops to pair with your jeans here.

So, get adventurous and accept the fate of the return of low-rise, because it’s here already!