Kickstart a Joyous 2021 with London Rag: Dress with the Right Colour

Many researchers have proven that colour can affect mood and stress levels. This being said, the colour of every fashion item you put on yourself can affect the psychological well-being of both you and the people around you. Having gone through a whirlwind of emotions in 2020, London Rag is here to suggest colour styling ideas for you to reignite a positive mindset as well as spread positivity and joy!

Confidence and Passion

Red and yellow is a combination that spills confidence and passion. Red inspires actions, and wearing this colour motivates you to be a go-getter that strives to achieve your new year resolutions! Scientists have concluded that yellow is a vibrant colour that increases serotonin level which will lift up your mood. Pairing the outfit with a touch of a yellow skirt incites excitement and encourages you to be positive about life! Finally, Study shows pointy-toed style reflects ambitions. Finish off your outfit with a pair of trendy pointed-toe boots for ladies and you are all good to kick off a year-long adventures full of exciting goals!

Youthful and hopeful

The second outfit spins a casual active vibe. Green has a kinship of nature. Wearing this colour will make you feel fresh and become a brand new you! Pairing the top with tie-dye shorts containing a spectrum of colour that symbolize youth and happiness will ignite positivity both to you and the people around you. Next, match with a pair of white chunky sneakers that release an active mojo which drives you to move around. Do not stop here! Touch up the outfit with a yellow beanie that goes with the colour green and you’re all set. This casual outfit for ladies with sneakers is optimal for casual hangouts with families and friends. Together let’s wish for a 2021 full of hopes and youthfulness!


The last London Rag outfit gives out an energetic atmosphere. As a colour of magic, purple represents surprises, and also carries a dreamy and passionate personality. Together with the purple sweater, a pair of orange shorts create a stark colour contrast that can draw attention and give yourself confidence. Orange is an energizing colour that stimulates enthusiasm, which goes hand in hand with the personality of purple. Complete the outfit with a pair of casual white sneakers which can demonstrate your active side too, and now we have another colourful winter outfit with sneakers! Wear this outfit and expect the unexpected in the coming year!

A new year should be welcomed by the right mindset. Dress with the colour that most represent your aspirations and wishes for the new year and you can definitely power through it. London Rag wishes all of you a fruitful 2021!