Look Like Your Favs: Dress Like a Bollywood Diva

Look Like Your Favs Dress Like a Bollywood Diva

The South Asian diaspora, owing to Bollywood and the Indian film industry has developed its own sense of fashion over its duration. Ever since the 70s, owing to the huge middle-class demographic and Bollywood fashion trends, Indians and the general South Asian demographic and has its unique fashion choices and Indian fashion icons from Bollywood. These Bollywood fashion icons have developed their unique take on various Western fashion trends. With the introduction of Western clothing brands and their popularisation, they still manage to stay true to ethnic fashion roots. Fashion in India is a blend of all colours of the rainbow and a variety of clothing materials. There are not many cultures that actively blend their traditional wear with Western outfits. For example, how you see people wearing kurtas to the office just as often as a dress or trouser-shirt combination.

Indian fusion wear has become the most practical and comfortable addition to Indian street style and formal wear. And just like in every country, there are always leading ladies who take on new trends and shock people with their styling choices. The theatrics of Indo-western fusion wear can simply not compare to the ever-changing fashion trends. The difference is that ethnic wear is not mass-produced on the same level as fast fashion clothes. Each piece has a rich history and artistry attached to it. When you think of Indo-western fusion wear, the first person that comes to your mind is the queen of every Bollywood lover’s heart– Deepika Padukone.


Right from Hollywood red carpet looks to airport fashion, she has the best in store for serving looks. Her style in Piku is still talked about today despite being released almost a decade ago. She was able to replicate and add definition to everyday ethnic indo-western outfits; making even the most mundane clothes look special. Deepika is also known to be one of the icons behind numerous ethnic wear in India and globally. With the release of her new skincare brand, 82°E. Standing for what the brand stands for-Natural Beauty. Regardless of if Deepika is wearing a Louis Vuitton to the Oscars or in her casual Levi’s jeans. Post the launch of her skincare brands, people quickly realized that her makeup just adds to her already radiant face. One of the key tips she focuses is on investing in a good non-stripping face cleanser. A good cleaner can make or break (out) your face. After all, the key to smooth makeup is well-prepped skin. Even her go-to makeup look consists of a simple winged eyeliner with nude or pink lipstick. Her looks in movies are often just+ as simple, whether it's as Shantipriya in her debut movie Om Shanti Om or Pathan.


Bollywood’s new glamourous mumma, Alia Bhatt, a name synonymous with trendy fashion trends. Remember when Shandaar was released and people praised the stylist of the movie more than the director for Alia’s impeccable styling? She has grown from an amateur young actor to one of the most influential people in the Bollywood industry. Bhatt broke the internet on her wedding day, not because of the wedding as news in itself, but her makeup choice. Her choice to wear none to her wedding. Promoting that good skincare can beat a full glam look even on your wedding. Her skincare regime focuses on making yourself healthier from within and restoring your skin barrier. Trust us, we tried using sunscreen and mist for a month straight, and we are seeing results.


Surely not everyone can work out 2 hours a day or start their day with pilates sessions, but we surely add sunscreen and mist to our workbags to avoid dehydration. And the biggest tip, to avoid acne scars, would be to not pick your pimples. Instead, use pimple patches, Bhatt has often recommended the Corsx acne patch stickers, which can be found on many online beauty retail websites. To get Alia’s looks, we recommend investing in a good pair of nude heels. Alia likes her to be fun and colourful, but what ties her whole look together is a simple pair of heels that complement different outfits at once.


Style icon Sridevi’s eldest daughter, Jahanvi Kapoor isn’t just continuing her mother’s legacy into films but also remains one of the top trending actors in Bollywood. Her unique style is complimented with trendy accents, making them a part of her character and film. We have seen her go from a reserved and closed-off actor bloom into one of the biggest trendsetters in Bollywood. We think she looks the best in pink, it may be due to Nykaa’s styling that we often see her in the colour, but there is no doubt that she rocks it every single time. Along with the pink outfits, she has shown us that Indian skin tones can carry a good Barbie pink blush and lipstick. Due to her humungous popularity, she managed to influence Bollywood fashion trends right early in her career, making her one of the youngest Indian fashion icons.


No one can talk about Indian fashion without mentioning Urfi Javed. A bold and fearless woman, with bold fashion and does not care what the media talks about. Always grateful and humble. Her fashion has always been a hot topic of discourse on the internet, with many criticizing her and many showering her with affection. She may not follow the standard Bollywood fashion trends but she surely is out there creating her standards of fashion, which makes her a truly phenomenal Indian fashion icon.


We often miss out on the intricate details of her outfits, what is the best element of most of her outfits is her cargo pants collection which she often pairs with heels to create a perfect y2k look. The most prominent feature of all of her looks are tops with cut-outs. Cuts Out briefly made a comeback in Western fashion, but Urfi has managed to make it synonymous with her name. While it is difficult to capture her style for daily wear; here are a few styles that you can replicate-


Tejasswi Prakash, is the winner of Bigg Boss season 15, along with the reality TV show, she has also won the hearts of the Indian audience, who look up to her for style inspiration. Known for her eccentric and trendy style on the show. Matching her bubbly and optimistic personality is often reflected in her style– which mainly consists of basics, with bold silhouettes and neutral colours. Although we must say, her style does take the sophistication trophy out of all of the telly stars we have on screen right now. A perfect mix between looking sanskari and chic.


A major takeaway from all of these style bonanzas is to find your style. With Bollywood-inspired outfits as a trend on the rise due to Indian celebrities finally getting their well-due international recognition, This is the year when minimal styles with maximalist accessories take over. Bollywood fashion trends are not just on a single style or look, we keep mixing and matching our various ideas and our cultural history to our modern needs. Last year few years we swung between minimal and maximal styles. Guess we have made peace with both of them and stylists have started dressing stars up in basics but with elements of glamour. There are more and more risk-takers at the forefront of fashion, urging everyone to dress up just the way they want.