Manicure Trends For Spring 2023

Manicure Trends For Spring 2023

As the season changes, it allows us to start afresh. Spring is often considered to be a turning page and a happier time out of the harsh cold months. Along with annual spring cleaning and routine change, nothing helps you clear your mind and makeover your look more than a fresh set of nails. We suggest after the spring cleaning and decluttering ends, treat yourself to a relaxing mani-pedi session with your favorite nail technician. With TikTok trends that help facilitate all beauty and fashion trends, there is something for everyone's style. Whether you like classic solid gel nails or Euphoria Maddy-esque acrylics, 2023 nail trends have something for everyone. Below we have listed all the new trends that are perfect for a day out in the sun and spring break, and some work before the summer break begins.

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1. French + Glass Nails + Micro French

French tip nails have been always considered a classic manicure choice, it works for people who like to have maintained nails but due to either personal choice or professional reasons don't get funky nails. French tip nails work on various lengths and shapes of nails but ideally are often seen on almond tip nails. A new micro trend that dawns over 2023 is micro French nails. The same style but even more subtle than the classic style. People prefer it to give them a cleaner look, with the popularisation of the Clean Girl aesthetic in the last year. The trend continues to gain popularity and newer looks. Another creative intervention in this classic style has been the clear French manicure, which includes a coat of clear nail polish and your natural nail color instead of the regular white and pink color. This is a more creative and color-inclusive addition to the style.

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2. Minimal Milky White

Commonly also referred to as the Hailey Bieber glazed doughnut nails, but it’s not where it originated. Milky white nails have been around since the modern royals in the 2000s. And also originally revived and popularised by ballerinas and coquette girlies who made the soft look cool. Amongst the royals, it was said that every female royal is to wear nail polishes from the colors selected by the late Queen. Which include a range of similar white and milky white tones with hints of beige or pink. Katherine, Princess of Wales, wedding nails are often looked up to as the inspiration for the manicure look. The soft look is relatively easier to maintain and can be DIY-ed at home.

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3. Metallic

Contrasting to the minimal nails or look entirely, pop celebrities like Doja Cat, BlackPink, and Twice, are seen to be indulging in longer, sharper, and shinier nails. They resemble the aesthetics of cyberpunk jewelry like a metal melting on your nails. Making them suitable for making a statement during concerts and in music videos where most attention is on the look and production. Can be adjusted with any length of nails and either made to look minimal with just one squiggle, creating the also trendy negative space nails, or even made more interesting with additional matching details.

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4. Velvet Nails

A mid-ground between chrome nails and boring solid nails, if you wander around the nail side of TikTok then you're bound to find a lot of videos on these nails. The glittery shimmer reflects and looks like someone has trapped glitter inside your nails, resembling velvet on nails. They differ from regular glitter nail polishes as the silver particles in the polish can be moved around before being set with a clear coat. They look more 3-dimensional than regular chrome and glitter nails.

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5. Classic Red Nails

The red nail effect is a pseudo-psychology trick where it is thought that men are attracted to women with red nails. The important thing with red nails is that you need to know your undertone and figure out which tone of red suits your complexion more, and which flatters your wardrobe. Like red lipstick, every undertone has red nail paint. We like to think of it as a trend cycle going back to the 1950s when married women were often seen in these nails, symbolizing their wealth and status. With newfound wealth post the great depression and War, red nails were glamorized and often seen on Hollywood beauties. And with the resurgence of Marilyn Monroe's legacy discourse making news, red nails continue to be considered a classic next to French tip nails.

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6. Chrome Nails

Chrome made a brief appearance back in 2016 with chrome nails, makeup, and even fidget spinners. But they disappeared as quickly as they made an appearance. Fast forward to the present date where chrome nails have taken a new spin with newer color additions, better formulation, and smoother application. They can either look soft with neutral shades or bask in their multicolor glory. Either way, we are glad that chrome nails exist for the sole reason to wear them to the next concert or rave.

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7. Mixed Colours + Gradient

Cant select one shade to go for your manicure? No worries, be a free spirit and use 10 different shades. Its elements like these make fashion and beauty interesting and open to experiments and changes. Fashion invites change, and having fun is at the core of it. This is one of the trends we recommend for a bright and fun summer where even if you are busy with your 9-5 job, you don't forget to have fun.

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8. Jelly Nails+ Marble Nails

Initially popularised in East Asia and then made its way up the TikTok algorithm. This an easy and quick DIY for neutral and playful color nails. Since you dilute the color hue of your nail paint you are left with soft-looking nails. More suited for short and wide nails. An alternate style in the same category is marble nails. Again an old trend making its comeback, the jelly look on the marble design, makes it look more like actual marble candy compared to the older dip-dye method.

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9. 3D/Extra Accent Nails

Early 2022 was dominated by Cassie and Maddy’s drama, along with the heavy influence of Euphoria on modern aesthetics, we can't ignore the nails that were a reflection of their nails. While Alexa Demie’s Maddy did help popularise 3D embellished style nails, we can't say that's where it began. Embellished long acrylic nails have originally been a part of Latino and African-American music scenes, with Missy Eliot and Nicki Minaj being one of the first artists that included thematic nails to their stage personas. Since then, Lizzo, Doja Cat, Dove Cameron, and endless other celebrities have made their nails an essential part of their performance lo0ks. The possibilities are endless and these nails can suit both minimal and simpler styles to the most impractically beautiful styles.

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10. Mixed Manicure Arts

In the midst of the present-day when your nails can be customized to look like art. People experiment with mixing different styles, like metallic French tip nails, or 3D cyberpunk chrome nails, making any combination doable. One just needs time patience or a really good nail technician.

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When talking about nails we can not look over the impact Black and Latino artists have on popularising new styles. For example, when we think of red nails we immediately think of either the 1950s or Selena Quintallia whose signature color was red. With nail technicians getting their overdue fame on social media, we also now know of the different techniques that go into their creative process. So with spring right around, bring out your sunscreens and it's time to go to a nail salon and walk out with a new look.