Our Favorite Fashion Moments From the NMACC Event In Mumbai

Our Favorite Fashion Moments From the NMACC Event In Mumbai

The Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Center event was a big moment for the Indian fashion industry with the elite gathered around to celebrate this historical moment. The NMACC gala not only showcased a gorgeous array of India’s fashion and history, but the main event was the invited guest list full of elite masses from around the world that walked the carpet in stunning outfits that have been the talk of the show globally. While there were some conflicting views on the Dior show that was showcased in Mumbai, the word is that NMACC definitely did a one up when it came to bringing A-game fashion forward.

From Alia Bhatt to Gigi Hadid, from Priyanka Chopra to Zendaya, there were some prominent figures from the Indian fashion industry as well as otherwise, that donned absolutely ravishing outfits, some in Indian traditional clothing, that will forever be etched in this era’s history. From intricate embroidery work to extravagant silhouettes to exquisite styling, the outfits were artistic and something that will be discussed for years to come.

Now, coming to our absolute favorite outfits on the carpet, there were some that we just can’t not talk and gush about. From Rahul Mishra to archival Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, there are some outfits that are just plain art.


Let’s start off with the absolute beauty, the Mrs. Ambani to-be, Radhika Merchant. Her first day look was a striking saree with beautiful motif embroidery. But the main talk of the outfit was the micro bag by Hermes. The iconic mini Kellymorphose and the Kelly Sac Bijou definitely stole the show with their luxurious allure. The bag isn’t just a bag but a high jewelry accessory that exhibits a sense of opulence that takes the main stage. Her second day look was the Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla which was embellished with intricate sequins and details that sparkled all over giving her a glitz and glamour look. Our favorite of all the looks is the third one, the Dolce & Gabbana Jumpsuit and cape were the absolute showstoppers with the spectacular bold floral print. The outfit fitted her beautifully and definitely had our jaws on the floor.

Alia Bhatt was the complete diva for us on all days, from her alluring saree by Vaishali S to her mini dress by Krikor Jabotian. The pleated pallu saree dripped with luxurious allure with the subtle yet impactful shimmer and glimmer. The strapless corset blouse with its impeccable embroidery and embellished work paired beautifully with the minimalist saree. The accessories added just the right amount of sparkle so that they complement the saree. The outfit was a whole shimmer paradise experience. The Elie Saab gown looked enchanting with the gold work. The dress fit her impeccably, while the most intriguing was the way the nack cape started from the neck down which was a moment all in itself. And ending it with the extravagant ivory mini dress by Krikor Jabotian was just the cherry on top!

Rahul Mishra is known for the impeccable and intricate embroidery craftsmanship in his work. The karigars definitely take their time and bring forth the best of their skills in each outfit, and it most definitely shows. The saree worn by Zendaya got mixed reviews for its styling. But one cannot deny the absolutely majestic beauty that Indian sarees exhibit and this one was the glimmering stars that depicted a midnight moment on the navy blue saree was like a dream come true. And the show-stealing embroidery at the bottom was nothing short of pure art!


Sonam Kapoor will forever be iconic when it comes to fashion with her riveting aura and a keen eye for fashion that leaves everyone mesmerized. The style icon wore an off-white ensemble with a gorgeous accentuating pallu by JJ Valaya and had heads turning at the event. The look was regal, elegant, and exceptionally stunning in all its glory. The second she took the carpet donned an Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla archival lehenga that is art history all in itself and left us all breathless with its impeccable craftsmanship and opulent beauty. The third look however received some controversial feedback from the masses, but one cannot deny that she looked drop-dead gorgeous in the extravagant silhouette and minimalist beauty of the dress by Ashi Studio.


The Rahul Mishra long trench and trousers were entirely embroidered to absolute perfection. The dainty details of the embroidery are intricate and made with impeccable handcraftsmanship that the brand is worldly known for. The ensemble was nothing short of a work of masterpiece art and looked stunning on Gigi! The second outfit was Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla ravishing beauty. The talk for days, the ensemble was all about the ravishing gold blouse that was a maximalist dream and a big moment for Gigi as well as Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla with its sheer magnificence and exquisite craftsmanship. The rest of the outfit was a take on a saree and looked beautiful with the slit and perfect pleated detail.

Khushi Kapoor looked graceful and elegant in the Falguni Shane Peacock ensemble. The intriguing part of the whole outfit was the off-shoulder detail that complemented and flattered the whole ensemble so beautifully without overpowering the majestic embroidery work that was absolutely stunning. The train in the back gave the look a dramatic effect which was surreal. It’s safe to say that Khushi Kapoor looked like a golden dream in this ensemble and left us all in awe!

Since its opening, the NMACC has hosted and showcased many cultural events and performances, classical music concerts, dance recitals, theater productions, art exhibitions with Designer Indian wear, and more. The center has become a hub for cultural activities in Mumbai and has earned a reputation for its world-class facilities and programming.