Self-Care Routine: 7 Tips Everybody Needs To Get Their Hands On

Self-Care Routine: 7 Tips Everybody Needs To Get Their Hands On

Let us begin by telling you that self-care isn't selfish.

With work, family, love-love or social commitments taking over our lives, taking care of ourselves, aka having a self-care routine, may seem like a funny thing to do. However, it is famously said, "charity begins at home." Of course, everyone wants a content and peaceful life, but why look for happiness elsewhere when you can start with yourself?

Each of us deserves some regular TLC, not only in the form of flowers and I Love You messages, but often as self-care, we need to give ourselves. Often, we tend to overlook our mental, physical, and emotional health so much that by the end of the day, we feel under-self-cared, which isn't really right!

Ultimately, when you begin caring for yourself and have a good self-care routine, you're ready to bring out a better version of yourself for your people.

Wo la bal—meaning a greater work-life balance in Korea, has made life easy for Koreans as this law limits the work week hours to a maximum of 52! Another Korean term, hawk haeng, means something small that brings you happiness! Speaking of having a self-care routine, we cannot not speak of Asian beauty practices. After all, they're a rage and for all the right reasons. Let's find out more about these self-care tips below.

Below aren't a myriad of self-care ideas but seven easy and doable of them that will make you feel nourished and relieve you from stressors in life.

    1. Begin Your Day By Drinking Some Water

Did you know that Koreans avoid drinking tap water because of their sensitivity to the unpleasant taste of chlorine?

Asians worldwide believe in one thing—drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up; Japanese and Indians believe in sipping hot water on an empty stomach after waking up. This self-care tip helps cleanse the digestive system and controls gut health.

Another of the best self-care ideas to include in a self-care regimen is rice water— an inexpensive and effective beauty balm for toning, cleansing and lightening hyper-pigmentation, sun, and age spots!

To answer your question, why do you need to include water in your self-care routine as soon as you wake up? Simply because you wake up dehydrated after that long, cosy sleep.

The other favourite self-care tips include having tender coconut water every morning. Yeah, it may seem like a lot, but it actually helps in boosting immunity and is great for the skin.

    1. Always Give Your Face And Skin Some TLC

Ulzzang, a word used in South Korea to describe an attractive face blessed with flawless skin, literally translates to "best face." It is a top-tier compliment, but there's more to this popular term. Of course, Ulzzang has the underlying ethos of looking beautiful naturally, but it's more about having a skincare routine and sticking by it, no matter what!

Undoubtedly, an increasing number of Indians are turning into Asian skincare fans who can't get enough of the rice water mask, facial cleansing oils, and night creams. According to Raisa Toila, the marketing manager of Limese Connect (the platform which curates only Korean makeup and skincare brands for the Indian market), there's a huge shift happening in India towards K-beauty.

It's safe to say not only is K-beauty one of the hottest trends in India right now, but it's technically ruling the entire South East Asia. It is believed that the K-wave has helped the number of these skincare products go up!

To sum things up, when you're looking to have the best self-care ideas for your skin—use natural ingredients in your skincare products, have an A.M. and P.M. skincare routine and buy what your skin calls for.

    1. Include A Work Out Session In Your Skin-Care Regimen Today!

If you ask us, yes, the right self-care routine includes a lot of working out. Working out (in almost any form) is, of course, great for your physical health, but according to many Asian beliefs, it has so much more to do with breakout-free and younger-looking skin too! What you eat, how you destress yourself and how much you exercise have everything to do with healthy self-care practices.

With the world struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis, no doubt, working out at home, often known as "home training" in Korea, is becoming more popular among people today.

Choosing to stay active and refraining from being a lazy couch potato already means you know the importance of a self-care routine. However, if you're struggling to get started with the best self-care tips and ideas, begin by taking a regular 20-minute walk—you can either begin the day on a healthy note or end the long day with a peaceful walk alone.

Walking, jogging, cycling, or any form of gymming workout or even meditation helps improve your skin health and appearance. So, technically, there's nothing really to lose, is there?

    1. Have A Balanced Healthy Lifestyle; From Within Too

Looking for the best self-care practices to get a natural glow—both internally and externally? Here’s how you can do it;

Beauty is much more than what you can see. It is more than skin deep, especially in East Asian countries, where people prefer a healthier diet—which we totally endorse!

Fortunately, fast food in South-East Asia isn’t as popular as it’s in the US, as the average Asian has a healthier lifestyle than the average American. Sure, they do know the importance of having their hands on a self-care routine that will really do them good in the long run. The Asians prefer the beauty that stems rightly from a lifestyle that is geared and fueled with self-care. They prefer self-care ideas like a balanced diet (with smaller food portions), meditation, regular trips to the spa, great emphasis on natural beauty and having friends! Well, we cannot disagree on one single thing here for a great balanced self-care routine, can you?

Mineral water onsens spas in Japan, reflexology foot massage spas in China, and jimjilbang bathhouses in South Korea aren’t only popular self-care practices in Asia but a new necessity for the well-being of the body!

    1. Don’t Hesitate To Consider Counseling For Better Mental Health

Our most recommended self-care tips include being open to seeking professional help without any hesitation. Sadly enough, mental health concerns and disorders are serious health challenges, particularly in low and middle-income Southeast Asian countries.

When you feel nothing is really going right in life and you feel like giving up, professional counselling or therapy is one of the best self-care ideas! When you talk to an expert you can trust and connect with, it is great for you as it makes you feel good about yourself and your surroundings. It helps you deal with your daily stressor so much better!

The key to including counselling in your self-care routine isn’t just seeking help for your well-being, but it is recognising the need for it well on time!

Also, thankfully, with couple counsellors available at the touch of a single click, couples can now find these angels in disguise to have a better perspective on their relationship or to move on from it.

We’d always recommend you consider therapy or counselling not only in your lows but including them full-time in your self-care routine for mental health.

    1. Detox Yourself From Social Media; You Don’t Need It

Social Dilemma—a documentary film on Netflix is a reality check; we never knew we needed so bad! With incredible insights into the social media world, it is a cue to detox from social media and how it is one of those self-care routine tips you will thank yourself for.

A social media detox isn't as tricky as it seems; all you have to do is refrain from checking your social media feeds and focus on better things in life—yes, focus on yourself, love!

You'd be surprised to know that Southeast Asia has the highest regional social media usage rate in the world while the Philippines consistently is on the top in terms of time spent using the internet, according to GWI's study.

Once you understand the importance of a self-care routine for mental health, the first thing you'd want to get rid of is knowing what other people are up to—from Instagrammers influencing to people posting content you don't even need. This will give you better mental and physical health as your sleeping time will increase with the screen time decreasing!

We'd always recommend you read a book instead.

    1. Do Not Forget To Treat Yourself To Regular Vacations

Staycation—a synonym today for self-care, has become a popular term and most favourite self-care idea for all the right reasons. It simply means vacationing but in one’s own country, and we think that’s not a bad idea either!

These vacations or staycations can be anything from a quick weekend getaway with your boo, family or friends to a yearly trip that need not be expensive. Well, if you have more budget on hand, sure, you can spend and travel until you’re ready for the grind again.

Ho kang seu, also known as hotel vacation, has become quite popular in Korea, where people can enjoy a stay at a boutique or luxury hotel near their homes. Lately, even in India, travelling has turned into the best self-care practice people take up to get rid of the stress of the daily hustle and bustle, as staycations can come in handy!

There are tons of things you can choose to do on vacation—from beach visits, walks, shopping, or literally doing nothing at all, and extend yourself on that comfy bed.

The next time you want to get your hands on the best self-care tips, do not fight your way through a busy itinerary, just put your cosy robe on and consider a ho kang seu—a hotel vacation.