Shopping Guide for the Summer Goa Trip

Shopping Guide for the Summer Goa Trip

Shopping before the big annual Goa trip? Wondering what to buy that fits your budget and the different temperatures of Goa? Surely something unique but not too risky, something sexy but still safe to post pictures in without having your relatives judging you? All of us are in the same boat girls, we are all looking for the next thing that does not slut-shame us. But what works for both roaming around and a dance-off at the club? After scrolling endlessly on Pinterest and Instagram shops trying to find my soulmates, we have shortlisted a few goods for the vacation that has managed to leave the group chat.

    1. 1-2 ka 4: We picked this Twisted Avacado printed crop top that doubles as a swimwear option. As someone who does not swim regularly nor do we want to spend any of our hard-earned money on a bikini which you will have to cover up anyway, better yet to buy something like this that is technically a top. Pair it with your favourite pair of shorts or trousers to even make it office appropriate. You can also wear it over a plain t-shirt for a more modest look or colder months. Or also as a bralette replacement for your dungarees and low-cut tops!

    1. Simple Dimple: Nothing (other than red wine stains) can beat a simple white sleepless top with a little tie-in detail, making you look effortlessly cool and casual even in the mid-day heat. Pair it with a knitted hoodie at night so you don't catch a cold near the waves. It is the perfect midway compromise between being fully covered in heat and being uncovered during day to night transition. Personally, we would suggest you pair this combination with a good pair of cargo pants, either a charcoal grey or black pair to match the hoodie. You could also pair blue denim shorts for a little solid colour block moment. When you work with solid and basic colours it becomes easier to style with a capsule wardrobe.

    1. Blues Clues: If you like to play it safe and prefer familiar staples while packing for a vacation, nothing better than denim. You cant wear denim in hot climates, except unless they are sleeveless tops. Perfect while travelling, visiting tourist attractions or just a day at the hotel. Juxtapose the dainty top with a long flowing skirt or wide-leg trousers to accentuate and define your waistline, and keep cool. Walking over to the shoes and accessory finds, again everything is strictly essential.

    1. The Pride Stride: Wearing slippers to the beach like every other person and running into the chance of also destroying them in the process. Talk about plastic waste, we don't do that here, instead, we buy an easy-to-clean and absolutely fashionable pair. Since it has woven details instead of a plastic t-strap, the chances of it falling apart mid-trip are very low. And who doesn't like a little funky pair of shoes?

    1. Punk Jesus: If you are a light packer and believe in carrying only one pair of shoes for a trip like a psychopath, let me show you the perfect shoes for that. Skid through the train station or airport with these and continue wearing them everywhere. Their platform and silver buckle detail even makes them appropriate for club wear and won't qualify as an open-toe shoe if you pair them with sheer black stockings. Go live your life as an emo teen during ancient Rome.

    1. Mom Friend Tote: In contrast to our light packer, do you overpack for a trip to the grocery store or are you normal? Worry not you worry wart, I found the perfect beach bag for you that will work for you throughout the trip. It carries everything, bandages, water, vodka, emergency sunscreen and socks! Perfect for being the only responsible friend in the whole group.

    1. Doraemon’s Party Pack: Are you also an adult-sized child? Like to carry only the essentials like a piece of gum and your phone and make the mom friend carry everything else for you? Well, then you will love this holographic pink lining fanny pack. It’s cute, lowkey reminds you of your dad from that one family trip. Who knew fanny packs could be cool?

Now children, what have we learnt about shopping for vacation? Don't only buy things you can wear to Goa, buy more versatile clothing and pair them with unconventional accessories and shoes to make them perfect for your vacation. After all, it has only been a little over a year since travelling became safe again. So go all out with your vacation fashion and experiment while making fashionable choices!