Some Risque Business In Town

Some Rique Business In Town

Some risqué business is back in the fashion landscape and we note this as celebs go gaga over it. The naked dressing style is here to reign again! The stamp of its return and approval was seen at the Met Gala 2022 where the stars stunned the carpet with various sexy dresses that left us all in awe. The naked dressing has gotten-nakeder?-and even more risqué than it ever was. The sheer fabrics, skin-colored bodycon dresses, and cut-out, barely-there dresses have been raging on the red carpets since the beginning of this year. Even the footwear is transparent heel, glass sandals footwear that we’ve seen on many celebrities till now.

The naked dressing goes way back to the ancient civilizations of India and Rome when saris and tunics originated and the fabrics and the bodies were subject of art and admiration! The saree is a beautiful flowy garment that is draped around the body, and its sheer fabric showcased a woman’s bare torso and neck. Even today we see a variety of sarees with embroidery and other embellishments adorned beautifully all over. The tunics which are famously called chiton originated from Greece and were worn by the elite class, made with fine wool, were beautiful and so thin that it was almost transparent.

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What is sheer clothing? Sheer clothing was then seen to be widely popularized in the 20s when women leaned towards stockings and pantyhose as part of their daily wear clothing and gained recognition in the 50s when the sheer dresses came about as evening dresses for fancy occasions such as dinner parties and balls which were a common frequent occurrence. Though the design was sophisticated and elegant there was an underlying sense of allure that was enticing.

And then came the 80s when the concept of mesh dress and clothing, sheer leggings, and lacy dresses completely changes and it was all about showing off the bodies with sexy dresses made of transparent, see-through fabrics and laces. Every woman in the 80s owned a pair of sheer stockings for showing off her long legs since short skirts were a rage back then. The mesh tops were also quite popular, especially in neon colors, and popularised by the rappers of the top. They were usually layered over a bra or even bare chest. The fishnet tights were also trendy and were usually worn under shorts and came in varied colors.


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The history of risqué clothing has many stars that popularised and encouraged sexy dressing. Marilyn Monroe, Cher, Madonna, Kate Moss, and Jane Birkin in the past have been seen in naked dresses throughout history, continuing with Beyonce, Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Zendaya, and many more.

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In today’s era we see many designers coming up with different designs and fabrics to showcase the naked dressing. Rihanna’s CFDA moment in 2014 was memorable and left us all in awe with the beautiful shimmery sheer bodycon dresses with a coord head wrap and gloves. Beyonce at the 2015 MET Gala also stunned the carpet in a sheer gown with gorgeous jewel embellishments adorned all over. The daring looks are a memory and proof of the naked dressing coming back. The MET 2022 was full of sheer and mesh dresses which were even more risque than the past though the nature of them today is still seductive, there is an underlying romantic notion to them as well. Jacquemus’ latest Le Papier collection showcased beautiful sheer clothing which are lovely romantic and also sexy at the swame time.


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The subtle way other celebrities are taking the route of naked dressing is through naked shoes that are taking the internet by the storm. We’ve seen Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber strutting the streets in barely-there transparent heel sandals. The Amina Muaddi Holli Glass sandals also became popular amongst the A-list fashionistas and were seen on many stars at events and alike.

And hence, we’re now witnessing the era of naked dressing which is even more naked and redefined from the past.