Stylish Moms of Netflix

Stylish Moms of Netflix

The essence of every storyline is in the way directors present their characters and what better way to show a character’s internal journey if not through their sets and clothes? Each character has one style that is assigned to them. Claire from Modern Family has her Suburban Mom turned Boss outfits and even characters like Carrie Bradshaw, and Rachel Greene are expected to be exceptionally fashionable since their character identities are written that way. Most characters don't have trendy or stylish outfits, they are often even dressed down to show that their characters don't care about fashion or looking good. However, these characters are often counted on as one of the most stylish characters on either TV or Netflix shows. Coincidently they are also really well-written characters, good moms, and evolve with their shows.

1. Morticia Addams From Wednesday (2022-)

It is no lie that Morticia Addams has the best on-screen style. Through the different versions of her characters, each one of them had an impeccable style. Truly untouched by any other fictional characters. Besides the obvious gothic element, it shows us how sure she is of her identity and herself. She minds her own business and is loyal to her personal style more than the trends of the time. If you want to dress like Morticia Addams but don't want to wear a gown in the heat, consider leaning into styles that mimic that. For example with midi-length black skirts, bell sleeve tops, and jeans. For a more casual version; there is none because her style can only be done justice through dramatic sleeves and silhouettes.


2. Dr. Jean From Sex Education (2019-)

Dr. Jean Milburn is a dynamic character that is designed to be understanding, sensitive, and firm in her actions. She showed us that gentle parenting is not a scam. Her style, just her is colourful and classic. She often includes a lot of floral motifs in her style; while she also always dresses up in formal wear, the floral and flowy silhouettes help her look more approachable. Which is required by her profession. Even when she wears solids, she is shown to stick to lighter colors like off-white, light blue, or soft orange. Especially her hairstyle, which she has managed to make too sleek instead of a Karen look on her.


3. Amy Santiago From Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013-2021)

As a detective, Amy Santiago would be expected to be in more practical clothing like Rosa Diaz or her beau Jake Peralta. But if you look at her coworkers and seniors, Terry, Charles, Hitchcock, and Scully, they are also dressed formally. Given her professional aspirations, she wants to be taken seriously, she follows the rules but also maintains her practical sense. We know Amy is smart enough to have her trousers made from materials suitable for on-field work. Her style in earlier seasons included a sleek back bun, solid blazer, and trouser sets with occasional floral shirts. Off work when you see her in dresses, you see that her style is assertive and she likes to try newer silhouettes too.


4. Moira Rose From Schitt’s Creek (2015-2020)

Unlike the characters above, Moira Rose does actually care about putting her most fashionable foot forward. With her wig collection and primarily black and white wardrobe, it is no joke she is the best-dressed mom ever. Showcasing that even just two colors in your wardrobe can give you the best outfits. Right from chunky jewelry that adds a new edgy look to her overall outfits, and structured pieces that add to her “put together” persona. She may not be the most organized person or the most conventional mom, but her outfits aren't conventional either. Her dramatic expressions also behave like accessories to her outfits.


5. Aunt Zelda From Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (2018-2020)

We know that Aunt Zelda does not have a biological child during the course of the entire show, but we do know that she was THE mother figure for every teenage character of the show. Right from Sabrina, Ambrose, and her ex-husband’s children. Her style mirrors many of the witches who came before her but the element that makes her outfits even more interesting is the inspiration from the 1950s and 60s. Right from cat eye sunglasses, gold cigarette holder rings, flare midi skirts, and dresses. Post the show’s release a lot of people were looking up to not just Sabrina for style inspiration but also Zelda. And we think if your style lies on the goth side but you need to look more polished for any reason, Zelda’s style is THE lookbook for you!


6. Lorelai Gilmore From Gilmore Girls (2000-2007)

Lorelai who started out as a teenage mom, and is still growing up with her daughter; the stylists of the show nailed that aspect of her style. They knew that Lauren Graham needs to be stylish because she is just a 30-something woman who is still working on her career and love life. Her clothes included the best autumn-inspired outfits with knee-high boots, knee-length skirts, and bootcut jeans which were staples of the 2000s casual style. Her style was everything she knew would piss her mom, Emily Gilmore off. The elements from her style that stand out the most were her boots and red lipstick.


7. Amy Lau From Beef (2023-)

Netflix’s most recent hit show Beef, created by Lee Sung Jin and stars Ali Wong as Amy Lau. In theory, she may not be the best mom but hey she tries. Her style throughout the show differs a lot from what we are used to seeing Ali Wong in. She is always in beige and linen outfits, considering the company she runs in the show; which is a minimalist plants company, her style has to reflect the cool and calm aura she wants her life and business to reflect. We learn very early on that it’s just a facade but it doesn't stop us from admiring each of her outfits. Especially her outfit from the season finale. Which was a white shirt paired with a white tank and beige trousers.


8. Dr. Nalini From Never Have I Ever (2020-)

Netflix decided to be relatable for the South Asian diaspora but finally wrote an Indian woman with complexities of her own. Dr.Nalini comes off as the typical Indian mom at times but right from her styling and different relationship dynamics with people around her, we realize she too is trying to create a comfortable life for Devi. Her classic colors like deep mustard yellow, emerald green, and gold show us just how much thought they put into making her look her best as a successful woman and not a stereotypical Indian mother. Along with her strikingly good pantsuit work outfits, we also see her in a range of Saris with intricate foil work on them. They are often seen in South Indian households.