The Best Shorts for Every Body Type

The Best Shorts for Every Body Type

Finding the right outfit for an event you've been waiting for can be tricky! And so can be to find the perfect pair of bottoms according to your body type. Well, not anymore!

While choosing the perfect pair of shorts, whether you're—a heart, pear, or apple-shaped body, can be challenging, it isn't impossible! With the fashion guide below, you can finally pick your favorite shorts from the best fashion labels and look the queen you are with your silhouette!

Raise your style quotient and take your style game a notch higher by choosing bold colors, detailing, and prints but remember, your shorts don't have to be too short; they just have to be comfortable.

1. Pear/Triangle Shape Body: Boyfriend Shorts

All the pear-silhouetted women, this one’s for you! Pear shape: often known as the triangle shape body is characterized by larger hips that are wider to the upper body—bust, and shoulders. Often, this makes your body look like a pear shape. If you’ve always wondered what pair of shorts for women will best go with your body type, we have some news for you. We understand you may first want to cover your legs and hip area; however, always look for the best shorts that skim well over your wider hip area without adding any volume to it.

Look for boyfriend shorts that are simple and well-tailored. You can also find your best friends in high-waisted shorts, as they help in enhancing your smaller waist! Not a bad idea, right? The shorts you pick should be knee-length or extend past the thicker thigh portion so your legs have a longer inseam. Choose fabrics like spandex for all-day comfort and a darker color to take attention off the lower body!

2. Apple Shaped Body: High-Waisted Short Shorts

Apple shaped-body usually means a heavy bust, narrow hips, and more midsection; around the abdomen. If you’ve been a short or extra mini shorts fan, we don’t blame you!

For those with an apple-shaped body, the best shorts for your shape are the high-waisted ones! These high-waisted short shorts can have details or distressing that can help enhance your natural curves. After all, you’ve got the legs that are meant for these mini high-waisted shorts, so why not flaunt ‘em?

When you choose the best shorts for women that are shorter and hit right at your upper thigh, your apple-shaped body will only be enhanced. However, make sure that no matter which perfect pair of shorts you choose, avoid the ones that are too tight unless that’s how you love them!

3. Hourglass Figure Body: High-Waisted Paper Bag Shorts

All the hourglass body-shaped folks worried about finding the right pair of shorts? Well, not anymore. Characterized by near-equal hip and bust measurements and a narrower waistline, an hourglass body isn’t very tricky to style. You can have a pretty fun time finding the best shorts, like the commonly found high-waisted pair for your shape, as most styles can flatter your body type.

To enhance your body type better, you can also try your hands on paper bag shorts, as the waist detailing on these styles will draw attention to your silhouette. For a polished look, opt for high-waisted shorts with contoured waistbands and ensure you tuck your top into the shorts for a definition around the waistline. Avoid low-waisted shorts and heavy details as they can unbalance your body shape.

4. Banana/Rectangle Shape Body: Bermuda Shorts

A banana-shaped body is characterized by a waist that is narrower than the hip and bust. This ruler-shaped figure with similar bust and hip measurements can gracefully don clothes that can enhance your curves. By picking printed, graphic-fit shorts, you can create an illusion of a tiny waist or add pleated shorts for women that can add volume to your lower body.

Our best bet for you is Bermuda shorts that are made for your body type, as they’re designed to be straight up and down. However, banana-shaped women ensure that you avoid high-waisted shorts with a contoured waistband as they create bagginess and bunching in the front, which you, of course, don’t want. Right?

5. Heart Shape Body: Boyfriend Mid Rise Shorts

All you heart-shaped body women, you may carry more weight around your arms and torso area while your thighs and hips are narrower. But, if you’re wondering if the perfect pair of shorts exist for your body type, let us tell you a yes! The most flattering kind of shorts for your body type is the ones that can help you create an illusion of having more volume on the bottom, as this help create balance!

Boyfriend shorts for women are slouchier in fit as the looser legs add volume to your narrower hips, while mid-rise boyfriend shorts can work wonders for a wider waist. We’d always recommend mid-waist for heart-shaped women as a low waist can sag, and a high waist will often pinch! Also, mid-waisted boyfriend shorts provide sufficient tummy coverage and elongate your legs. Now, this sounds like the best shorts for women for your body type, ain’t it?