The Comeback Of Crochet And Other Fashion Trends


2022 is all about that 2000s jazz, just a little bit toned-down and luxurified. As people become conscious about their choices, they believe in buying pieces that are timeless and sustainable. It’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing the Y2K fashion for a while now as the impact of it even in the 2000s was celebrated for quite long. Some of the trends that we just can’t get over are,

Crochet: A rage in the 70s, crochet followed well into the 2000s and was seen as a hip trend. It’s 2022 now and the trend is back and how! Crochet tops, bikinis, and even accessories are now widely seen around. As summer approaches crochet bralettes and bags are in high demand in the fashion world. Bright, light, and sexy, this summer is sure to be full of fun! Take a look at our new crochet accessories here.

Mini skirts: When in doubt, wear a mini skirt. From Mean Girls to Euphoria, mini skirts are back, but in a more modernized and positive way. While the 2000s pressurized women to change their bodies to fit in a mini skirt, 2022 revolutionized them for all shapes and sizes. Check out some of our best here.

Checkerboards: Checkerboards could be considered as a classic pattern but the 2022 versions are updated like the pattern being warped. The trend has been popularly seen on the London Fashion Week runway and is a must-have print for this summer. Shop some of our favorite checkered products here!

Corsets: Corsets have been around since the 1500s and have been developed and updated through the years. Designers like Vivienne Westwood and Mugler have revolutionized its structure and its concept. Today we see variations of the corset that can be styled differently in varied ways. Shop our cute little corset, perfect for your summer here!

Flared jeans: From the sailors of the 70s, flared jeans are all things drama and they’re back in vogue this 2022. Though the style is not for everyone, when worn right, it’s sure to flatter your legs and give your outfit that extra oomph. Get yourself a pair now from London Rag!

Cut-outs: 2022 is all about being sexy yet classy, and what better way to do this than cutouts. A sneak peek of skin is seen to be dramatically sensuous with its underlying teasing essence. Shop this sexy and bold cut-out top here!

Now, what are you waiting for? Shop your favorite trends now, only on London Rag!