Tips to Choose Perfect Heels


“Money can’t buy Happiness but it can buy fabulous shoes and that is kind of same”.


So, find the perfect pair of heels that satisfies and makes you feel happy, uplifts your mood and makes you feel like to stay in forever! We get you some tips as you choose some great pair of heels and stock up as festive season begins. Notorious for being extra straining on feet, the beautiful heels are too tempting to resist; aren’t they? Discover the precautions and tips to purchase your perfect Heels, a surplus on your dazzling outfit.


1) Shop at the end of the day

Don’t shop heels in the morning, do the shopping at the end of the day when your feet are swollen and puffed after daily chores. While shopping late at the end you will get an idea of how the shoe fits you at all time of the day. While shopping in the morning you will end up buying a heel that feels tight.

2) Ask the salesperson to measure your feet. 

It is always better to know your foot measures. Having your feet measured can tell if one foot is slightly larger or you need a wider or narrow shoe. Getting known to those details you know you’re a spot on when looking for shoes in your size.

3) Select the right size and fit 

We all are aware that different shoe companies have different sizes. With that in mind, unless you are a loyal customer to that particular brand, always try a shoe first to see if it fits your size. Heels which are loose can lead to your foot sliding up and down and you not being able to keep your balance. Not to mention injuries such as blisters.

4) Focus on the shoes comfort. 

When you walk in the shop you may realize getting flustered by salesmen asking you to try other shoe choices. Thus, it is essential you ensure the shoes comfort. You can make sure of that by walking a little on hard surface (floor) avoid walking over a soft carpet. Focus on how your feet feels.


5) Choose Heels with thick insole and cushion

Wearing heels can put more pressure on your foot. Look for heels that has adequate padding and cushion inside because it will make your day easier and your feet pain free. High-heels with quality padding and cushioning will provide you with better support, much more comfort with good balance all day long. It is just perfect to wear them for any occasion, daily work, parties or dinner.


6) Go with Suede or Leather Heels


Synthetic leather heels are affordable but come with numerous setbacks. If you want to invest in good leather heel opt for Suede or real leather heel you can also go for a combination of both. High heels made from leather are flexible and will easily adjust to the feet shape. They are durable compared to synthetic leather shoes.


7) Check the Heel placement: A slope of the heel is vital while choosing a high heel shoes. While choosing a high heel ensure that the heel of the shoe is place right under your own heel. Thicker the heel greater the support of your body. However, it maintains the right.


As you make up to buy a perfect pair of heels, hold on. We have some awesome collection for you to get drooling on. Remember, it is good to buy now then regret later. Get your shopping sorted with London Rag.