Trendy Joggers For Running And Strutting

Trendy Joggers For Running And Strutting

Life has been easier since joggers became acceptable at work and casual wear. We thank millennials for it, changing the work dress code and making it more relaxed. While millennials utilized the extra business casual workwear to clubs, relaxing the workwear fashion was something they initiated (sorry fellow Gen Z’s). A few years ago, when people transitioned to work-from-home systems, motivation through fashion became a phenomenon. However, it’s a good actor for some days, and it cannot always work. Some days are sweatpant days and it’s alright. Sure, people will tell you sweatpants make you lazier but you can doll up any outfit. This is where we come in, we have put together a range of accessories and inspiration for you to make joggers look more put together rather than lazy. Styling sweatpants in a high-fashion way involves combining comfort and casualness with elements of sophistication and trendy aesthetics.

  1. Classic Grey Sweatpants

  2. Classics are your blank canvas and are essential to every person’s wardrobe. Everyone should have them and most do have them. Gray sweatpants make a good staple for lazy day outfits, not because of their comfort but their ability to look like a sweatpant but not overpower your whole look.

  3. Crop Tops/ Bodysuits

  4. The top either has to be cropped enough to define your waist or tucked in smoothly for shape definition. What makes sweatpants lazy is lazy styling, and when you have a structured piece like a crop top or bodysuit, it forces you to dress it up more and look refined rather than slouchy.

  5. Layering

  6. Layering adds depth to your outfits, simplicity is good but not when you are wearing sweatpants. The best inspiration for these are dancers. They wear athleisure all the time and still manage to make it look cool and match it up to their level of cool without compromising comfort. They are always in sweats, but they always layer their pieces with shrugs, cropped hoodies, or boleros. And if your aesthetic doesn't line up with this and you need to look professional rather like a newbie, try looking for mid-length structured jackets like a leather-blazer jacket or an actual blazer for a classic Hailey Bieber look.

  7. Accessories

  8. Another thing that dancers always have on them is signature accessories. If you are a step-up nerd like some of us, you know Moose was recognized by his signature hats and Nike hightop dance shoes. But of course, that was the 2010s when snapbacks were popular, what you should include in this step are trendy elements like baseball hats, gold hoop earrings, stacked rings, and your choice of shoes.

    Casual Sweatpants Outfit

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  9. Shoe

  10. Shoes are tricky for one reason while the overall look demands sneakers or slides, one way to stand out would be to go the unexpected route. Wear platform boots or strappy heels with sweatpants. This gets you extra points from fashion gods for defying the odds. Our personal favorite would be to pair a stiletto heel with ankle-length boots, but if you are not a heels girl, go ahead with platform sneakers as they look more structured than regular sneakers.

  11. Monochromatic

  12. Monochromatic looks are all the rage these days. And all within good reason, when you wear a monochromatic outfit it makes you look put together without a single thought. Think about how many times you have seen someone wear a blue t-shirt, or blue jeans with a blue handbag and look put together despite it just being a t-shirt and jeans. So if you are planning to wear your old gray sweatpants, instead of pairing a white or black t-shirt with it, adding a gray bodysuit or camisole with a long gray sweater would make you look more professional with the same level of comfort.

    Rihanna White Sweatpants Outfit

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  13. Polished Grooming

  14. Grooming has different standards now that beauty trends have become a collection of varied interests and aesthetics. While the clean beauty girls push for minimal to no makeup and sleek back hair, there are the cottage-core girls who don't want to look polished but delicate. Grooming is a point beyond basic hygiene. While hygiene is to ensure the skin’s health. Grooming includes well-kept brows, styling hair according to your hair type, trimmed or polished nails, and so on. Being well-groomed and maintained ensures you look put together even when you don't have makeup on.

    Kendall Jenner

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  15. Makeup

  16. Makeup is the quickest way to trick people into thinking that you look good. Even though you plan to wear sweats, using either a nude-pink or nude-brown lipstick over your face as eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush will be able to make you look like you took time out to get ready. If it’s your style try using a bold color lipstick that stands out over nudes as they might just wash you out or look casual over exceptional.

    Dark Lip Makeup

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