Trousers have stolen it from jeans

Trousers have stolen it from jeans

Since the pandemic started, people have been leaning towards comfortable clothing. Now that we’re slowly getting out of the lockdown mode, people have been experimenting, though still looking for comfort. And so we see a lot of people leaning towards trousers over jeans. Though jeans are a staple in our wardrobes, you cannot deny the fact that at the end of the day, you can’t wait to get out of them.

Trousers have been all over the runway for 2022, be it low-slung, high-waisted, flared, printed. The trend most definitely is here, but do you think it’s taken over jeans? We think, yes. It most definitely has taken over. Trousers are chic, sexy, and powerful when styled well. Plus, they come in varied ways which is always great.

While many believe in altering pants, fixing the pant length for a perfect fit, because, if the pants don’t fit, they’re not for you. However, today we see a lot of people challenging this norm by wearing oversized trousers with slits, cinching the waistband with an accentuating belt or cinching the bottom hem with elastics, or sewing the bottom of the pants to tighten and create a puffy silhouette. Celebrities like Bella Hadid, Rosie Huntington, and Emily Ratajkowski have been spotted while experimenting largely with trouser pants and absolutely nailing it. But we understand that many have inhibitions. There is always an excitement when trends chip in and here we help you to choose what you may find best; suiting your style.

White trousers are a must in your wardrobe this summer season. Though they’re a bit hard to manage, the simplicity and elegance of the pants are perfect for a summer outing. The flare at the bottom on this one adds just the right dash of drama, and paired with a lovely floral blouse, pink tie-dye, or a bralette would make a very cute outfit.

This one is for the rock kid in you, but fashionable. These oversized faux leather trousers are ideal for a night out, paired with a red or black bralette or any peek-a-boo tops and a blazer or coat. For the daytime, you can wear it with a green or white light furry sweater or full sleeves t-shirt.

Subtle but impactful, these off-white faux leather trousers are sophisticated but sexy because of the fabric’s sheen. Pair it with a shirt and you’re making a fashion statement at work.

These pants are a sign for you to go have fun at a disco. All drama and party vibes, these trousers are fun and sexy. Paired with a red crop top and a cropped varsity jacket, you’re slaying on that dance floor.

Taking trousers a notch up, the added slit adds a subtle element of teasing which is fun and interesting. It changes the silhouette of the trousers and changes them to an informal quality. These pants are also great for the summer and can be paired with almost anything.

Taking the country route in corduroy. These trousers are kind of like a comfortable version of jeans. Easy breezy, casual, and cool, these trousers can be paired with almost anything.

Feeling fashionably wild? We got you covered! These Leopard Print Trousers are for those days when you want to go all out with your wild personality! You can pair these pants with a one-strap top and some gorgeous Chelsea boots.

Get cozy in these trousers, cuz they’re probably the softest casual wear you can find. Made with soft cotton, if you’re someone who puts comfort before fashion, these trousers cater to both. So, buy this and more, only on London Rag, and if you’re looking to complete your outfit with some great footwear options, check out Rag & Co.!