Why ankle boots should be your go to style for fall and winter!

Ankle Boots

Aren’t shoe trends funny? At first we’re not sure what to think of a new trend, and then next thing you know, we want one in every color! Case in point, ankle boots. Whatever did we do before ankle boots?? And have you noticed, ankle boots have driven trends in jean styles as well. Ankle boots are a must-have item in everyone's wardrobe, perfect for venturing out when the temperature begins to drop on the fringe of autumn. While some shoes tend to be trendy and fashionable, last fall's hot items have gone out of style this year. But some ankle boots are timeless in style and designed to last for years to come.

Fall and winter are ideal times for wearing ankle boots. This is probably why I have so many pairs because I have reached for them repeatedly over the years. Wearing them with jeans, dress pants, leggings, skirts, and even dresses is not a problem for me.

So, if you're after a pair of ankle boots, that you can invest in to last you through multiple seasons, look no further. Here at London Rag, are our top picks.

Cowboy Boots

The star of more than one of your fall looks, cowboy boots are one of the strongest footwear trends for 2023. Cowboy boots are flattering and versatile, you can wear them with short dresses, long dresses and even shorts, just find the perfect pair for you! To ensure you can continue to wear them into autumn and winter, pair them with your favourite jeans and a chunky knit jumper. You’ll definitely hit the nail on the head, with this woman’s boots.

Western Ankle Boots

Western style is back in! It’s the perfect moment to dust off that pair of black pointy-toe ankle boots. Western style ankle boots can finish off any outfit, plus they are flattering on almost any silhouette, making them one of the most ideal footwear choices for fall winter looks.

Military Boots

Once again this year, 90s grunge makes a comeback, thanks to the classic lace up ankle boots. We could say that these are a must every winter, but this winter boot comes updated, khaki will be a trend in military boots, along with burgundy, so dare to try some colour, don’t lose sight of the soles and choose those with rubber soles, mountain or track style. This autumn winter they promise to be one of the most popular winter boots.

Croc Texture Boots

Textured boots are making a comeback, in particular, crocodile skin effect or croc-embossed patterns are becoming more and more popular. If you like this wild style and fancy giving it a chic touch, look for a burgundy pair. Make room in your shoe rack, because croc textured boots will be part of your go-to footwear this autumn winter.

Chelsea Ankle Boots

A classic among classics, Chelsea ankle boots are always a hit. And, just like military boots, year after year they continue to be the star of many autumn winter looks, thanks to their versatility. This season, Chelsea boots come with a height update, if you’ve always loved these classics with rounded toes and elasticated sides, this season you can add an extra element of interest in their soles and choose a pair of chunky Chelsea boots. Don’t hesitate!

Slouch Ankle Boots

Slouch ankle boots are cool because they’re comfy and charming at the same time, they have a loose appearance in the ankle, sort of looking scrunched up as a cowl-neck sweater does. As a result, they have a more relaxed appearance. The material can be pretty much anything, but you’ll often see them in either faux leather or with a faux leather foot. They’re typically slip-on, so you don’t have to mess around with any laces to tie, although they might have a hidden zipper. They go great with leggings and skinny jeans. Make sure you pair them with a top that compliments the boot’s color or texture for a more put-together look.

Collared Platform Ankle Boots

These platform ankle boots are an essential pair of boots everyone should have in their closet. Versatile enough to be dressed up or down, they're guaranteed to keep your feet warm during autumn and winter. When the sidewalks become slippery, these winter boots have a secure grip on the shoe’s sole to prevent you from falling over. Better yet, they never go out of style!

Snake Print Ankle Boots

Available in snake and emboss print, these ankle booties look great for an evening out. With the darker undertones of the sole and the dramatic angles, there is detail everywhere you look. What will capture your attention is the conical heels, and a pointed toe. Pair them up with any outfit and never worry for a mismatch.

Ankle boots are the perfect choice to show, in any diverse occasions, from casual to the most special ones. It’s a top accessory when autumn starts, but in addition to being very easy to wear during the coldest months, most of ankle boots can be used during the whole year. These boots come with a characteristic design that corresponds to the style of who wears them. In the case of ankle boots, they continue to be a powerful fashion trend. Some of their strengths are, design, mix of irresistible ease and elegance. They are very comfortable, and you would not need any excuse to wear them, because they go well with everything.