Y2K is back and raging!

Y2K is back and raging!

Y2K refers to the 2000s period, where people were coming out of their 90’s minimalist closet, and daring to explore and experiment. The era of the emergence of the internet grew and became a popular medium.

Y2K is back and raging!

Image Credits: Zula

Gaudy, tacky, and all things fun. Y2K is officially back after taking a look at the SS/22 and recent AW/22! Exaggerated makeup, hair, and clothing like corsets, crochet, crop tops, flared pants, mini bags, and dare we say-low waist jeans? The old Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan outfits that the Gen-Z who were not here to appreciate, are finally getting a chance to witness it. Though the new trends are a bit more balanced, simplified, and refined in this era, we see only the best styles coming back.

Paris Hilton in 2000
Paris Hilton now

2000s vs now Paris Hilton (Image Credits: L, R: POPSUGAR, Vogue)

The rise of the internet in the 2000s and leaving minimalism in the past, caused the people to elevate and be their best and ‘extra’ version of themselves. The ‘stand-out in a crowd’ mentality came about and was reflected in every individual’s clothing. Though the mentality of that period was problematic, with people’s obsession with size zero waists, today we see the trends molded in a way, to make them more body-positive and inclusive. Celebrities like Ashley Graham, Barbie Ferreira, Naomi Watanabe have been putting together some outfits and looks of Y2K styles beautifully recently, proving that fashion has no boundaries.

Britney Spears
Bella Hadid

2000s Britney Spears vs Bella Hadid (Image Credits: L, R: Elle, Glamour)

A fusion of retro and technology, Y2K fashion was like flashing lights to the eye. Today, the loungewear ‘Juicy’ couture tracksuit worn by Paris Hilton, low waist checkered mini skirts in Mean Girls, tight crop tops worn by Rachel in Friends, these trends are back, though upgraded and refined. Trends like puffy sleeves, bucket hats, chunky sneakers, bead accessories, and colorful, bright makeup can be seen on the runway as well as in street fashion. Models and celebrities like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Olivia Rodrigo, Sofia Richie, etc, are rocking the 2000s fashion today in a subtle yet impactful manner. Crochet and corset tops are everywhere to be seen, especially as summer approaches and everyone’s getting ready for the breezy days.

Today, as consumers, we have reached a point where people are more aware and conscious about their fashion choices. The people’s demand for timeless and good-quality pieces has risen. Investing in long-lasting pieces, hand-me-downs, and thrifting is surging back, which could also be a very good reason for this comeback of the Y2K age.