Your Ultimate Guide & Tips For Styling Lace-up Sandals

Your Ultimate Guide & Tips For Styling Lace-up Sandals

We've been so obsessed with lace-up sandals lately. The weather in the States seems so sunny that some lace-ups are ready to fight the spot of being the wardrobe star instead of the forgotten corner of the closet. These shoes have been our go-to, and just like some of you, we may continue wearing them until "the winter is coming." Thankfully, you can now flaunt that luxurious pedicure that feels as pricey as diamonds. Our fashion advice and tips for styling lace-up sandals? Well, we're ready to throw some seriously doable styling tricks right at you that you can wear to a casual brunch or an evening soiree.

This blog post guide is about unlocking 7 super easy ways and tips for styling lace-up sandals. From lace-up sandals with jeans and breezy linens to summer dresses, we'll talk about some of the best styling tips you may need to get your hands on before the sun dwells up.

The fashion industry is quite infamous for "thank you, next", but rumours have it lace-up sandals were and (for a very long time) going to be the rage.

1. Lace-Up Sandals With Jeans

For starters, we're obsessed with denim! And pairing lace-up sandals with jeans? Absolutely, yes! Styling lace-up sandals with jeans is as easy as pie and takes virtually seconds. And when we say denim, we mean anything denim. You can steer clear of palazzos or wide-leg jeans, as they made conceal the lace-up detailing. Grab a pair of straight-leg denim trousers and get rolling with your super chic lace-up sandals by tying them above your jeans. Yes, heard it right! Wrap them around your denim, which you can cuff from the bottom and let those stiletto heels shine.

2. Lace-Up Sandals With Dresses

Sure, styling lace-up boots is fun. But wait until you start styling lace-up sandals with dresses, and don't look back! One of the most popular styling tricks you may find on the internet is wearing your tie-ups like gladiators. For amateurs, let's begin by delving into how gladiator sandals came into being—the name of the iconic footwear comes from the Roman era. They were worn by 'gladiators' in the battles. They've fought their way in the fashion world, and today, one of the top tips for styling lace-up sandals is to lace them around your ankles and calves and pair 'em with your cute summer dresses.

3. Lace-Up Sandals With Linen Trousers

While lace-up sandals can work with various trouser styles, a more tapered leg or a slight flare will complement them best. Avoid wide-leg or palazzo pants, as the fabric might bunch around the ankles. Keep your accessories simple and summery. Think straw hats, woven bags, or delicate jewellery. Cuffing the trousers slightly at the ankle can show off the sandals and create a more relaxed vibe.

4. What Do You Do If The Laces Don't Stay Up?

Let's face it. If the stubborn laces of your pretty lace-up sandals won't stay up, it can be quite annoying. Just try our easy styling tips mentioned below:

  • Double down on the knot: Make sure your laces are tied tightly, using a double knot for extra security.
  • Add some grip: Use clear elastic bands or hair ties to hold the laces at the desired height.
  • Get fancy with your lacing: Experiment with different lacing styles like gladiator, criss-cross, or ladder lacing, which can provide a tighter fit.
  • Embrace the lock: Opt for shoes with built-in lace locks or toggles designed specifically to keep laces in place.

5. How To Fancy-Wear Your Wedding Lace-up Sandals?

Forget complicated tutorials and stressing about another DIY project! Who needs them when you can turn those basic wedding white heels into something awesome with just some lace? Wrap those bad boys around your ankles, pop on the heels, and bam - instant wedding-worthy footwear! This easy styling trick lets you focus on the fun stuff (like not tripping in your dress), knowing your shoes are looking on point.