Fashion Questions, London Rag Answers: Match Your Body To The Right Clothes

fashion question 1

A big consideration when shopping is, “does it fit me?”. After grabbing more items than your basket can handle, it’s time to try them on. We typically match our size to what the store provides – either small, medium, large sizes or numbered sizes. If you don’t see your size available, you probably won’t get it. Does this sound like something you do? Well, what if there’s another way you could shop? London Rag prepared a guide for you to understand what to shop for based on your body type, rather than a systemized and discouraging sizing system.

fashion question 2
  1. Understand the different body types (interchangeably, “body shapes”) – this takes effort, but trust us, it’s worth it.
  2. Understand what needs to be balanced in your body’s symmetry – is the imbalance on your lower half or your upper half?
  3. Buy clothes that highlight your best assets and give yourself an overall self-image boost with the right clothes.

Here’s a breakdown to what these body types are like and what goes well with them. what to wear and not to wear for each of these body shapes!

Rectangle shaped body

fashion question 3

Triangle shaped body

fashion question 4

Pear shaped body

fashion question 5

Hourglass shaped body

fashion question 6

Inverted triangle shaped body

fasion_question 7

We hope this gives you fresh insight and anticipation to give this approach a shot the next time you shop. It’s time to make a change before 2020 ends – let’s be more body positive.